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2023/04/29 Hawaii Kamuro Club

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Hakuseiji temple

Sizuo Niiyama 

to be the key of the link

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest [2011/08/05]

in "Kamuro" journal there are many records of early people who spined out from Kamuro to other places in Japan and overseas.

New essay and articles (1/4)

Genzo Yashiro 

Re-Founder of Okikamuro in Yashiro island, Ishizaki family

Genzo Yashiro [2023/07/20]

I'm studying the relationship between Yashiro Island and Iyo, so I'm thinking of gradually uploading it.

Sizuo Niiyama 

Okikamuro Seaside camping site

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest [2023/06/12]

Hime-hotaru (firefly) grows in colonies on the site of the former junior high school in Okikamuro.


 Mitajiri Ofunakura Ruins

Shoji Matsumoto [2023/4/25]

The Tomozawa family, who descended from the Ishizaki family, acted as governors of the Gobansho and Funabansho.

Masatomo Yagi

Kiyoshi Nishimura (President of Ube Kamuro Party) passed away

Masatomo Yagi [2023/03/22]

Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura passed away at 15:14 on February 6, 2023 at the Ube hospital due to pneumonia at the age of 98.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Year of Rabbit

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2023/1/7]

The new year 2023 is the 4th rabbit(“卯” (U)) in the zodiac, and the 40th in the 10 zodiac signs.


 Sketch of Kunsan-So

Shoji Matsumoto [2022/12/11]

This building was originally built as a villa for the man who made a fortune trading Korean ginseng during the era of Japanese rule on the Korean Peninsula.

Genzo Yashiro 

My study 'Yamaguchi prefecture Suo-Oshima story'

Genzo Yashiro [2022/07/27]

please introduce this to members who may interested in. That helps a lot.


'Itsukushima battle' and Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2022/07/07]

Mr. Ishizaki was picked up by a samurai, and later the branch family called himself Tomozawa.

Tsuneo Shirogane

Inokosama Song

Tsuneo Shirogane [2022/7/10]

I still remember the song completely. This song is starting with ‘Gozatta Gozatta Inokosama ga Gozatta …’ and ending with ‘Ebisusama and Daikokusama coming to prosperity to prosperity‘.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Yaesu area

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2022/7/7]

Now, this area has been greatly transformed by redevelopment. When you exit the familiar Yaesu South Exit, the 45-story, 240-meter Tokyo Midtown Yaesu towers high in the sky,


Hawaii Kamuro club meeting in 1955

Marie Otani [2022/06/14]

November 11, 1955 The Hawaii Okikamuro club gathered at Mochizuki-tei.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

The Effect of The Map

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2022/02/22

NHK explained that the first stage of the TV drama was Izunokuni City when I watched NHK’s Taiga drama “The 13 Lords Shogun”.


The tragedy of war

Kanenori Kanai [2022/01/31]

It happened 76 years ago. The whole of Japan is still in the middle of a war. four of our brothers, sisters and a mother lived quietly in a dark house.


Electronics Store Yamazumi

Kanenori Kanai [2022/01/09]

when I started studying electrical equipment in Kuka-cho, Suho-Oshima for three years, I stepped on the ground in Hiroshima in 1958.


Pearl farming in Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2022/01/04]

In the 30's of the Showa era, pearls were cultivated in this Okikamuro. The processing plant was a house near the old elementary school.


Kamuro hook

Shoji Matsumoto [2021/9/19]

Handmade fishing hook in Okikamuro. It’s called ‘Kamurobari’ (Kamuro hook).

hiroo Nishimura

Para-Motor trip(SouthernSeto-Okikamuro-Jikamuro)

Hiroo Nishimura [2021/9/2]

I have Helicopter shots of Okikamuro.I hope everybody enjoy this pictores.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

The Butterfly and The Moth

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2021/07/18]

A small white moth had begun to fly around a light. I just knocked it down because of the filthiness.


Okikamuro Hijiki

Daigo Sakae [2021/07/16]

(#沖家室ひじき)#Okiyamuro Hijiki's information dissemination on Instagram will start.


Roots of Kamuro?

Shoji Matsumoto [2021/5/21]

There is a district called Kamuro-ura in Shimodomari, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, and in Mikamecho, Nishiuwa District.


The commercialization of Japan's finest hijiki is at its final stage ...!

Daigo Sakae [2021/05/21]

Until three years ago when I was working at a bank, I never thought I would be a fisherman. I joined the fishery cooperative, got a boat, got a boat license ..


Nostalgic Shiraki Village 

Junzo Ohama [2021/04/30]

I am grateful and grateful to Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura for reading "Okikamuro Island 5 and 6" and for the various lives and memories of the nostalgic Shiraki Village.

kiyoshi Nishimura

Okikamuro Island 5 / Okikamuro Island 6

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2021/4/12]

The scenery of Ebisu Shrine and the pine trees that grow from the tip of a small mountain to the sea side is beautiful and shines in the sea.


Matsujiro Otani Photo

Teruo Shirogane [2021/03/27]

It looks like a photo taken by Matsujiro Otani with his friends in Kamuro before he went to Hawaii.

kiyoshi Nishimura

Okikamuro Island 3 / Okikamuro Island 4

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2021/3/18]

It is a border point between Susaki and Honura.


Situation of my career decision 

Junzo Ohama [2021/03/16]

decided to go on to the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Letters, Department of Aesthetics, and passed the University of Tokyo.

kiyoshi Nishimura

Okikamuro Island 2

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2021/3/05]

Let’s take a mountain walk from Suzaki to Homura.


Wildfire of Mountain Mazan

Hroshi Ishimaru[2021/02/28]

Wildfire in 60 years ago (Mazan in Okikamuro did not extinguish fire for nearly a month in my memory)


Tomozawa mansion in Agenosho

Shoji Matsumoto [2021/2/24]

Perhaps I ran 200 meters on the road, and when I crossed the bridge, I saw a mansion with a strong structure.

kiyoshi Nishimura

Okikamuro Island

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2021/2/16]

Below the cliffs of the island are terraced fields, and below that, there are many houses facing the sea, and narrow roads with constant people flow.


Suzaki Okajo

Hroshi Ishimaru[2021/01/27]

I was born in the house (Ishimaru family) in Okajo on the top of the mountain of Kamuro.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

“New Year’s Eve in the Dark”

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2021/01/19]

I tried to return the cock of the breaker to its original position, but it did not return.


Bon dance song Treasure to be preserved 

Junzo Ohama [2021/01/17]

the melody has a wonderful characteristic that varies from village to village, so it has great existence value and preservation value.

Genzo Yashiro 

Suo-Oshima(Yashiro island) and Aoki family

Genzo Yashiro [2020/11/28]

There is no one who doesn't know about old Aoki family of Suo-Oshima among local historian.


Okikamuro 1980

Shoji Matsumoto [2020/8]

Attached article was published at March 7 1980 on Chugoku News paper.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Replacement of Radio Clock

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2020/08/26]

One day, the wall clock in the living room was stopped.

Alan Aoki 

Finding Our Immigrant Ancestors to Hawasii

Alan Aoki [2020/08/01]

I enjoy doing this kind of research for fun.


Okikamuro my roots

Yoshimi Furutani [2020/07/21]

Few days ago (June 19), I came back to Kamuro and closed my grave site. Rev. Niiyama prayed very carefully to close my gravesite.


Thank you for ‘At Honolulu Jodo mission Feb. 15th 2020’ 

Junzo Ohama [2020/07/01]

Thank you pictures of Rev. Shizuo Niiyama and many members of Okikamuro.


Honolulu Jodo mission Bishop Nakano passed away.

Marie Otani [2020/07/14]

I have to tell you sad thing that Honolulu Jodo mission Bishop Nakano passed away at 10th in this month.

Masatomo Yagi

‘I’m working for fishing business at Kukuiula’

Masatomo Yagi [2020/07/05]

Long time ago, more than ten years ago, I got a book called ‘Kamuro reprinted (Kamuro 1st issue Sept. 5th 1914)’.


At Honolulu Jodo mission Feb. 15th 2020

Marie Otani [2020/06/13]

We have received pictures in Honolulu Jodo mission from Marie Otani.(photo by Water Mitsui)

Ryuta Suehiro

"Living Support Service netto(het)

Ryuta Suehiro [2020/04/06]

Utilizing the expertise as a physiotherapist, it has become possible to flexibly develop support for living at home with peace of mind.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

My Attachment to The Mandarin Orange

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2020/03/23]

I wish at least the mandarin orange to trace the way of the revival as the special product at any cost.

Masato Katsuyama 

Who is Kanzaemon-I Ishizaki? (Vol. 1)

Masato Katsuyama [2019/12/12]

Kanzaemon-I Ishizaki who settled in and re-reclaimed Okikamuro Island in 1606 (Keicho 11th).

Lord of Gogo island 'Ishizaki Shirosaburo'

Masahito Tanaka [2019/11/16]

I like to explain my opinion about ‘Ishizaki Family, the origin of Okikamuro Tomozawa Family’(2019.09.15) by Masato Katsuyama.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Tokyo Towa town association ‘19

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2019/10/22]

and aim for a large joint in autumn, including four sister town associations and county association.

TJ Okamura 

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(1)  Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(2)

TJ Okamura [2019/8/9]

I discovered my great-grandmother, Sen Hamasaki, might be from Kamuro-Nishigata Village.

Masato Katsuyama 

Ishizaki Family, the origin of Okikamuro Tomozawa Family

Masato Katsuyama [2019/09/15]

In my opinion, Ishizaki Family in Gogo-shima and Okikamuro was in fact a group belonging to Murakami-Suigun navy

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Sendai Gyutan-Yaki(grilled beef tongue)

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2019/07/30]

Our family used to live in Sendai city for 5 years because of my job.


teaching NHK'Enjoy Classic' class for 24 years. 

Junzo Ohama [2019/07/24]

My grandfather Seisuke Ohama started post office in Nishikata village and became first postmaster.

Masato Katsuyama 

Where is the place of origin of the family name Tomozawa?

Masato Katsuyama [2019/07/01]

He used the family name Tomozawa when he was hired by Mohri clan.


Visited Hawaii at June in 2019

Masahito Yamada [2019/06/29]

I've visited Honolulu Jodo mission.


Ohama's NHK 'Enjoy Classic' class 

Junzo Ohama [2019/06/30]

We introduce it with the best performance CDs of each, etc., and listen and enjoy it with everyone using Ohama's commentary and materials.


Attending Tokyo Kamuro Party meeting.

Yoshimi Furutani [2019/06/10]

It was really happy surprise for me. Thank you.

Masato Katsuyama 

Hikoshichi IV, one of the founders of fish preserves (Vol. 2)

Masato Katsuyama [2019/06/06]

I was lead to the thought that Hikoshichi IV was a son of the Originator Soemon-Noriaki


Actions to revitalize villages.

Daigo Sakae [2019/06/06]

About present and future of Okikamuro island,

Kamuro busindess

advertizement for Shiroki peninsula committee、'Hijiki kun'、Care service (netto)

Kamuro Paryt Editor[2019/06/15]

 "Co-workers (humans)" who are actively involved in regional revitalization.


Enjoyed holidays in Okikamuro island

posted by Teruo Shirogane, written by Kikue Sawada [2019/05/06]

I spent holidays in my father's home town, Okikamuro island.


Fisherman in Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2017/2/4]

New Boat had been completed and launched at the shipyard after one year. The picture was taken at that ceremony.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

World of Nobuyuki Tsujii

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2019/02/25]

I enjoyed Nobuyuki Tsujii concert at Tokyo Art Theater in Ikebukuto.

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