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2023 Kansai Kamuro party photos

2023 Tokyo Kamuro party photos

2023/04/29 Hawaii Kamuro Club

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Hakuseiji temple

Sizuo Niiyama 

to be the key of the link

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest [2011/08/05]

in "Kamuro" journal there are many records of early people who spined out from Kamuro to other places in Japan and overseas.

New essay and articles (1/5)


 Okikamuro Fisheries association

Shoji Matsumoto [2024/1/8]

The auction reminds me of the Okikamuro Fisheries Association's pricing of fish, which the locals call 'netate'.


NHK news-Okikamuro Hijiki

Daigo Sakae [2023/12/04]

Surprisingly...it has been decided that a special feature of less than 5 minutes will be broadcast on NHK General News National News!

Sizuo Niiyama 

Art Kimura and his group visit from Hawaii

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest  [Nov. 14, 2023]

Mr. Kimura is the key person who connects Hawaii and my hometown of Okikamuro, and I am always indebted to him.

Sizuo Niiyama 

James Nakata visits from Hawaii

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest  [Oct. 28, 2023]

Mr.James Nakata is the grandson of Mr. Yoshimatsu Nakata, who is attracting attention as a Japanese person who influenced American writer Jack London.

Masatomo Yagi

Tokyo Kamuro Party memorial book manuscript request

Masatomo Yagi [November 3, 2023]

In 2023, this year's Tokyo Kamuro Party has been held as the 70th time. To commemorate this occasion, we have decided to publish a memorial book of Tokyo Kamuro Party.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara


Yoshihiro Fujiwara [October 23, 2023]

It seems that my family is the only one among the members that has a mokugyo at home.

Sizuo Niiyama 

Okikamuro Seaside camsite open

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest [2023/09/25]

The opening ceremony of Okikamuro Seaside Campsite was held today.

Genzo Yashiro 

Re-Founder of Okikamuro in Yashiro island, Ishizaki family

Genzo Yashiro [2023/07/20]

I'm studying the relationship between Yashiro Island and Iyo, so I'm thinking of gradually uploading it.

Sizuo Niiyama 

Okikamuro Seaside camping site

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest [2023/06/12]

Hime-hotaru (firefly) grows in colonies on the site of the former junior high school in Okikamuro.


 Mitajiri Ofunakura Ruins

Shoji Matsumoto [2023/4/25]

The Tomozawa family, who descended from the Ishizaki family, acted as governors of the Gobansho and Funabansho.

Masatomo Yagi

Kiyoshi Nishimura (President of Ube Kamuro Party) passed away

Masatomo Yagi [2023/03/22]

Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura passed away at 15:14 on February 6, 2023 at the Ube hospital due to pneumonia at the age of 98.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Year of Rabbit

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2023/1/7]

The new year 2023 is the 4th rabbit(“卯” (U)) in the zodiac, and the 40th in the 10 zodiac signs.


 Sketch of Kunsan-So

Shoji Matsumoto [2022/12/11]

This building was originally built as a villa for the man who made a fortune trading Korean ginseng during the era of Japanese rule on the Korean Peninsula.

Genzo Yashiro 

My study 'Yamaguchi prefecture Suo-Oshima story'

Genzo Yashiro [2022/07/27]

please introduce this to members who may interested in. That helps a lot.


'Itsukushima battle' and Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2022/07/07]

Mr. Ishizaki was picked up by a samurai, and later the branch family called himself Tomozawa.

Tsuneo Shirogane

Inokosama Song

Tsuneo Shirogane [2022/7/10]

I still remember the song completely. This song is starting with ‘Gozatta Gozatta Inokosama ga Gozatta …’ and ending with ‘Ebisusama and Daikokusama coming to prosperity to prosperity‘.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Yaesu area

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2022/7/7]

Now, this area has been greatly transformed by redevelopment. When you exit the familiar Yaesu South Exit, the 45-story, 240-meter Tokyo Midtown Yaesu towers high in the sky,


Hawaii Kamuro club meeting in 1955

Marie Otani [2022/06/14]

November 11, 1955 The Hawaii Okikamuro club gathered at Mochizuki-tei.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

The Effect of The Map

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2022/02/22

NHK explained that the first stage of the TV drama was Izunokuni City when I watched NHK’s Taiga drama “The 13 Lords Shogun”.


The tragedy of war

Kanenori Kanai [2022/01/31]

It happened 76 years ago. The whole of Japan is still in the middle of a war. four of our brothers, sisters and a mother lived quietly in a dark house.


Electronics Store Yamazumi

Kanenori Kanai [2022/01/09]

when I started studying electrical equipment in Kuka-cho, Suho-Oshima for three years, I stepped on the ground in Hiroshima in 1958.


Pearl farming in Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2022/01/04]

In the 30's of the Showa era, pearls were cultivated in this Okikamuro. The processing plant was a house near the old elementary school.


Kamuro hook

Shoji Matsumoto [2021/9/19]

Handmade fishing hook in Okikamuro. It’s called ‘Kamurobari’ (Kamuro hook).

hiroo Nishimura

Para-Motor trip(SouthernSeto-Okikamuro-Jikamuro)

Hiroo Nishimura [2021/9/2]

I have Helicopter shots of Okikamuro.I hope everybody enjoy this pictores.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

The Butterfly and The Moth

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2021/07/18]

A small white moth had begun to fly around a light. I just knocked it down because of the filthiness.


Okikamuro Hijiki

Daigo Sakae [2021/07/16]

(#沖家室ひじき)#Okiyamuro Hijiki's information dissemination on Instagram will start.


Roots of Kamuro?

Shoji Matsumoto [2021/5/21]

There is a district called Kamuro-ura in Shimodomari, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, and in Mikamecho, Nishiuwa District.


The commercialization of Japan's finest hijiki is at its final stage ...!

Daigo Sakae [2021/05/21]

Until three years ago when I was working at a bank, I never thought I would be a fisherman. I joined the fishery cooperative, got a boat, got a boat license ..


Nostalgic Shiraki Village 

Junzo Ohama [2021/04/30]

I am grateful and grateful to Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura for reading "Okikamuro Island 5 and 6" and for the various lives and memories of the nostalgic Shiraki Village.

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