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Messages from presidents   (Tokyo Kansai Hiroshima Ube Hawaii)

 Masatomo Yagi   president Tokyo Kamuro party       June 5th, 2011

Masatomo Yagi 

Participation of Tokyo ‘Kamuro Party’ is currently depleted. I think that there is no way to avoid it in the course of nature. Number of first generation of ‘Okikamuro’ is getting smaller according to decreasing of ‘Okikamuro’ island population.

However, at this moment, it is just too lonely. Somehow I want to increase the membership. I’m not the first generation of Okikamuro island and I was born in Hyogo Prefecture from the Okikamuro 1st  generation parents, I’m one of the people who wish Okikamuro island cherish and I love Okikamuro island.

I like to locate Kamuro party’s activities to ‘Okikamuro’ cheering, and fan club of ‘Okikamuro’. Fan club member is opened widely not only for the people from OkiKamuro island.

The meeting of 'Tokyo Kamuro’ party once a year is the main activity, I decided to publish the website of the ‘Kamuro’ party In addition to this meeting. This home page is a thing of ‘Kamuro’ party of Tokyo, Kansai, Hiroshima, Ube and Hawaii.

I want the site to send a message to the support of Okikamuro island showing mainly members essay. This web page explains Okikamuro island culture based on the information of members, for example ‘BON’ dance, And also the web page explains history of Okikamuro island like ‘Kamuro sengen’ time which is the time one thousand houses’s people is living in small island.

 I would like to advertise Okikamuro island’s business and members’ business also.

 I want Okikamuro island to be well managed as Our ancestors’ place and our roots.

To complete the Kamuro party Website, we are collecting many posts documents, photos, and advertising articles as much as possible by around Obon (August 15th).

We ask for your cooperation to everyone.   

Tomiyuki Miyamoto          president of Kansai Kamuro party        July 3rd, 2011

Tomiichi Miyamoto 

Thank you for attending the meeting of Kansai Kamuro party in your busy schedule today. This time more than 55 people expected the participants, I would like to thank everyone who participated. Chief Priest Shizuo Niiyama from Hakuseiji temple, Mr. Kanai president residents’ association of Okikamuro island, Mr.Nishimura from the Ube kamuro party, Mr. Kikuo Kimura, from the Hiroshima Kamuro party, Mr. Yagi, Mr. Kimura, from the Tokyo kamuro party, the professor Manami Yasui Tenri university, the professor Yasuo Hirota Senshu University joined as guest. We appreciate celebration speeches. Today, please enjoy the story such as Okikamuro, to talk about home village a lot. Thank you again everyone attending today, Kansai Kamuro party

Minoru Yamada     president of Hiroshima Kamuro party            june 29th ,2011

Minoru Yamada 

 Hiroshima Kamuro party has shorter history compare to Tokyo, Kansai(Osaka) and Ube kamuro parties’. Previous president Otani and other former presidents’ extensive efforts had been making Hiroshima kamuro party active. Many ‘Hiroshima Kamuro party’ members are getting older and attendants becomes fixed. I think it is very important to keep our party more active to add new 60 thru 70 years old members while aged members cann’t attend meeting. I’m planning to have sub meeting with 60’s member this Autumn. Hiroshima city is very close to Okikamuro island and I used to go back to Okikamuro 5 to 6 times in a year. Now I decided that I will go back to Okikamuro at every main events and makes communication with ‘Kamuro’ residents and I like to enjoy that.  

Kiyoshi Nishimura             president of Ube Kamuro party            July 3rd ,2011

Kiyoshi Nishimura 

At present, Ube kamuro party cann’t open party because of too few member.

Kamuro's fisher men went to Shimonoseki, Fukuoka, Karatsu, Yobiko, Tsushima and other many fishing area in foreign ocean and left their large foot prints. Some of fisher men started to live at their fishing area's home town. And those imigrants are respected as Okikamuro island fisher men. I like to introduce those respectable Okikamuro history step by step.

About Ube Kamuro party, I received ‘don’t stop Ube Kamuro party’ -many Kamuro party member’s encouragement. I like to restart ‘Ube Kamuro party’ again to avoiding melt down of the party.  

Marie Sanae Otani             president of Hawaii Kamuro Club     Feb. 24th, 2015

marie otani 

Marie Sanae Otani has been selected as president of Hawaii Kamuro Club at Hawaii Jodo mission Feb. 24th 2015. Hawaii Kamuro Club restarted at the meeting with members of Hakuseji and Kamuro Party Hawaii tour. She is ground daughter of Matsujiro Otani who is immigrant from Okikamuro island. Following is quotation of article of Asahi Newspaper.

This article (FEb. 27, 2015 Descendents of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii rebuild century-old bonds with hometown) is written by Yusuke Ogawa.


Otani said she hopes the group will pass on its traditions to fourth- or fifth-generation immigrants to serve as a liaison between Japan and Yamaguchi Prefecture and Hawaii.

Although a large number of the descendants of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii cannot speak Japanese, many of them have visited Oki-Kamurojima and created their own family trees to trace their roots.

Aoki’s eldest daughter, Cheryl Yaeno Miyata, 60, who visited her ancestors’ home island for the first time in 2006, said she came to understand her father better after the visit.


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