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Kamuro Party outline


It is a party of people who cooperate in prosperity of Okikamuro island, and activity.
It is a party of people who wish development of Okikamuro island. people from Okikamuro island. people who have interest in such as culture and history of Okikamuro island. 2nd ,3rd generation and descendant of Okikamuro people.

Members exchange information and talk about Okikamuro island at regular meeting once a year.
The Kamuro party supports business and a social activity of Okikamuro island.
The Kamuro party supports business and a social activity of the members.

Population of the Okikamuro island was about 3000 at end of Edo age(1880's) and it is only 170 at 2011.
Still population is decreasing every year.
We want to stop this decreasing population of the island.
Otherwise, the island become like Atlantis which is only known as possibly existed in past.

Many pages are still not translated to English, we are working on translating Japanese to English and English to Japanese one by one.


There are Hiroshima Kamuro party, Kansai Kamuro party, Tokyo Kanmuro party, Ube Kamuro party and Hawaii Kamuro party.
Each member belongs to the party which is close to.

Okikamuro island location: Okikamuro island, Suho-Ohshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi-Ken Japan


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information for Kamuro Party

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Tokyo Kamuro party

  Tokyo Kamuro party office  tokyo@okikamuro.com


Kansai Kamuro party

  Kansai Kamuro party office kansai@okikamuro.com


Hiroshima Kamuro party

  Hiroshima Kamuro party office hiroshima@okikamuro.com


Hawaii Kamuro Club

  Hawaii Kamuro Club office post@okikamuro.com

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