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New essay and articles (2/4)

Masato Katsuyama 

Hikoshichi IV, one of the founders of fish preserves

Masato Katsuyama [2019/02/15]

The pole-and-line fishing had been introduced from Do-noura, Awa (Tokushima), into Okikamuro in Jo-kyo 3rd (1686).

Masato Katsuyama 

Yosobei Tomozawa, a master carpenter in Tononyu

Masato Katsuyama [2019/02/03]

there is a description about Yosobei Tomozawa, an official carpenter of Iyo-Matsuyama clan who emigrated from Okikamuro to Tononyu,

Masato Katsuyama 

So-etsu II Aoki, a key person for the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family

Masato Katsuyama [2018/12/15]

Thus, So-etsu II Aoki was “a key person for the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family” who passed down his blood back to the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family and handed down the family line of Tomozawa to Isuke and me via the family of Gensuke Noguchi.

Masato Katsuyama 

The personal history of So-etsu II Aoki and his aspiration to be a medical doctor

Masato Katsuyama [2018/11/15]

it was a great surprise for me to find that one of my distant ancestors who was born in Okikamuro came to Kyoto to study medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Masato Katsuyama 

Close relationship between Okikamuro Tomozawa Family and Agenosho Aoki Family

Masato Katsuyama [2018/10/28]

As I reported previously, Moto Tomozawa, the wife of Hikoshichi VIII, was originally from the family of So-etsu Aoki, a medical doctor in Agenosho.

2018-2019Schedule for 'Enjoy Classic' class 

Junzo Ohama [2018/11/02]

I wish to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone living in Oshima who suffered inconvenience of poor supply of drinking water by the sudden damage of 'Oshima Big Bridge'.

Sizuo Niiyama 

The ring of support is getting bigger

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest [2018/10/28]

Several days ago, Mr.Masahito Yamada in Hiroshima sent to us large amount of water, cup noodle, bread, packed food at 24th. Then today, he brought huge amount of supports to us.

Masato Katsuyama 

Agenosho medical doctor Aoki Family, the origin of the wife of Hikoshichi VIII, Moto

Masato Katsuyama [2018/10/08]

Gentoh was the father of Shusuke and Kenzo, the famous medical doctors practiced Western medicine in late Edo period.

NHK documentary presentation

Marie Otani [2018/10/10]

On July 28, we showed the Japanese version of the two part NHK documentary on Japanese-Americans in Hawaii.

Celebration meeting of age 80

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2018/09/27]

121 students graduated from the junior high school in Showa 29th (1974) and all become 80 years old in this year.

Photo of 1930 Hawaii Okikamurojinkai Picnic in Waikiki

Marie Otani [2018/9/28]

I was able to make a stitched digital photo camera.

The unexpected death of Bishop Narashiba

Marie Otani [2018/9/28]

The unexpected death of Bishop Narashiba was shocking. He was so important to the revival of the Hawaii Kamurokai.

Masato Katsuyama 

Shoya from Tomozawa Family

Masato Katsuyama [2018/09/21]

It was Tempo 2nd (1831) when Hikoshichi VIII took office as Shoya (Village chief) of Okikamuro for the first time from Tomozawa Family.

Kamuro Family Tree Project

Masatomo Yagi [2018/9/17]

Let’s make Kamuro Family Tree database by registering own family tree with Family Tree(FT) software.

Masato Katsuyama 

Kyuhachi Ninomiya and the fishery in Okikamuro in early Meiji period

Masato Katsuyama [2018/09/10]

a dispute arose around Meiji 11th (1878) about inshore fishing rights of Okikamuro.

Masato Katsuyama 

My great grandfather Isuke and his real father Heihachi

Masato Katsuyama [2018/08/27]

My great grandfather Isuke Tomozawa was born in 1873 as the second son of Heihachi Noguchi, a resident of Tononyu.

Akio Otani 

I saw pictures of Tokyo Kamuro Party

Akio Otani [2018/7/01]

Before Oshima bridge has been built,we had to use ship ‘Boyo ship' to offshore of okikamuro from ‘Yanai port’

Okikamuro from motor glider (Kusatsu Japan Co.)

Hiro Nishimura [2018/07/01]

Okikamuro island photo by Kusatsu Jpanan. Photo from this altitude can be only taken from motor glider.

Hawaii gannenmono documentary on NHK World-Japan

Marie Otani [2018/6/28]

they have made an English-subtitled version and it will be shown on the NHK World-Japan channel! Luckily, this channel is available on their Website as well! This means people around the world can watch the program!

Bamboo shoot

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2018/04/26]

My mandarin orange field is occupied by Moso bamboo for long time.

NHK interview

Marie Otani [2018/4/3]

NHK BS premium 'Shin Nihon kiko' April 6th and 13th (9:00 thru 10:00PM). Please watch this program.

Masato Katsuyama 

I found the name of my great grandfather on Bocho (Yamaguchi) Who’s Who

Masato Katsuyama [2018/01/28]

I have recently known that names of Oshima People listed on the Bocho (Yamaguchi) Who’s Who in Meiji 34th

Opened Tokyo branch office

Masahito Yamada [2017/10/28]

I opened Tokyo branch office at beginning of this month.

Akio Otani 

Okikamuro my home island.

Akio Otani [2017/10/13]

At September of 1943, I came back to Japan to take a final examination of ‘army boys aircraft soldier’ with my father from Pyongyang in North Korea where we lived.

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part6)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/09/18]

The home island of Tomozawa Family, Okikamuro.


Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2017/08/31]

About 10 years before, one cockroach showed in my house at first time.

Hiroshi Otani 

Okikamuro 2nd generation in Hokkaido

Hiroshi Otani [2017/8/29]

Mr. Matsujiro Otani is my grandfather (Senichi Otani)’s brother and he as uncle in Hawaii is admired by all relatives.

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part5)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/08/14]

The 10th generation head of the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family, Isuke ... Heihachi Noguchi, the real father of Isuke, was a resident of Tononyu.

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part4)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/07/26]

The 9th generation head of Okikamuro Tomozawa Family, Kyuhachi Ninomiya ...The Ninomiya Family into which Kyuhachi was adopted was a descendant of an illegitimate son of a Mohri lord

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part3)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/07/16]

The head of Okikamuro Tomozawa Family, ‘Hikoshichi’ ...the matter of money on reconstruction of the main building lead to the resignation of the chief priest and Shoya (Village chief) after the completion.

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part2)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/07/12]

According to UkaShima Opening Story in Gon-ichi Ishizaki Document, he was involved in the development of UkaShima, one of small islands surrounding Suoh-Oshima,

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part1)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/06/25]

Originator of Tomozawa family Soemon Tokuaki is eldest son of Second generation of Okikamuro Shoya(Village chief) Ishizaki Kanzaemon Munemasa.

2017/3/18 Joined Hawaii Kamuro Club meeting with wife.

Masahito Yamada [2017/03/18]

I have attended as representative of Japan Kamuro party with my wife to the annual meeting of Hawaii Kamuro Club.

Alan Aoki 

Roots of Aoki family by Alan Aoki - 4th Generation from Kamuro Island

Alan Aoki [2017/03/13]

My great-grandfather Kikumatsu Aoki emigrated to Hawaii as a Government contract laborer on May 29, 1891 on the Steamship “Yamashiro-Maru”.

Tax payment to home town

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2017/01/05]

However, I haven’t done anything to the environments which is my home town where I grew up.

1.Study Music?   2.2016 'Enjoy Classic' NHK Culture Center Yokohama Landmark class

Junzo Ohama [2016/09/03]

many poeple say 'I don't know music well but I like music.'

Battle of four borders

Shoji Matsumoto [2016/06/26]

It’s interesting. ‘Battle of four borders’ video has been published in Youtube.

The battle with weeds

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2016/06/13]

The weeds ...  It may be a suggestion to me to return for my parents’ home.

Akiyo Yagi

Masatomo Yagi [2016/05/31]

My mother Akiyo Yagi passed away at May 26th 2016 00:01 Inzaisogo hospital age 97.

2016 visited Okikamuro

Teruo Shirogane [2016/05/05]<

I have spent time in Kamuro at so called golden holiday week in this May after a while of suspension.

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