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New essay and articles (3/4)

Visiting Hawaii 2016

Masahito Yamada [2016/02/02]

Actually I'm going to visit Hawaii from 29th of this month with my wife, cousin's couple and their children as 6 people group.

Leak from hot and cold water mixing faucet

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2015/11/23]

H/C water mixing faucet with shower in my bath room started to leak very little amount of water which is negligible.

Hawaii International Movie Festival

Masatomo Yagi [2015/10/29]

Stacey Hayashi produced Movies are screened in Hawaii International Movie Festival

Kamuro Seaside Museum

Takashi Yanagihara [2015/09/03]

many ancestors went traveled out to the world with challenge spirits. I respect their courageous activities.

1.BonDance song and drum   2.'Enjoy Classic' NHK Culture Center Yokohama Landmark class

Junzo Ohama [2015/08/21]

actural performance of Shitata,Nagasaki,Nishikata in Suho-Oshima (For inheritance, preservation, and development)

attended to Kansai Kamuro Party meeting at 5th July

Masahito Yamada [2015/7/15]

All the Kamuro parties' meeting in Japan has been finished for this year. This is my suggestion. Why don't we meet some other time in this year.

attended to Tokyo Kamuro Party meeting at 7th June

Masahito Yamada [2015/6/9]

I and my wife are very happy to join it. We are looking forward to attend the party.

About Mr. Akira Otani

Teruo Shirogane [2015/06/17]

I recalled old time after reading Ms. Stacey Hayashi’s report which is telling about Mr. Akira Otani.

Teruo Shirogane 

About Matsujiro Otani

Teruo Shirogane [2015/03/18]

1) He is the most successful man from Okikamuro throughout domestic and overseas.

Manga about 442nd Regimental Combat Team

Stacey Hayashi [2015/6/6]

I wrote a manga about the 100th Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Tokyo Kamuro Party 65th anniversary celebration speech

Nathan Funk [2015/6/7]

I always admired my grandfather’s friendly, approachable, loving and calm demeanor and after visiting Okikamuro it was obvious the influence this magical island had on his character growing up.

Memory of Okikamuro

Marie Otani [2015/5/17]

We took pictures with the Ninomiya Kinjiro statue.

Shirasu don (sea food dish)

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2015/5/5]

I ate my original recipe ‘shirasu’ don mouth full after completion of cooking. Good!. There is harmony between plump texture of ‘shirasu’ on tongue and crispy small green onion tooth touch.

Teruo Shirogane 

To Hawaii tour members

Teruo Shirogane [2015/03/18]

I looked at HP of Hawaii tour. Wow! This piture must be Marie chan. I supprised.

impression of Hawaii tour

Masahito Yamada Mar. 15th, 2015 received

I like to join annual meeting. please send invitaitons to me. I'm watiting them.

’Hawaii Kamuro Party’ English version article

Yusuke Ogawa [2015/3/4]

Article about ‘restarting of Hawaii Kamuro Party’. English version of the article is also published now

Hawaii tour Feb 22 2015 thru Feb 28.

Masahito Yamada Mar. 2nd, 2015 received

I’m still staying at Hawaii and felt that this tour is very meaningful and wonderful.

Autumn festival of Ebisu shrine

Shoji Matsumoto [2014/10/28]

Well then, I investigated about how and when Ebis shrine in okikamruo started.

Became whiskey lover

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2014/10/30]

More than 20 bottles of premium whiskey are sitting on dish rack in my house. And also there are some French brandy bottles in it.

There is question about ‘okikamuro history part2’

Masahito Tanaka [2014/10/29]

I have read ‘Kamuro Party’ home page.  I am interested in the article posted by Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura local history researcher.

History of Susaki port in Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2014/09/20]

It's amazing that our ancestors build huge breakwater without any financial help from Han(state government). They should had enough finance and spirit.

Okikamuro island 400th anniversary Video

Kamuro broadcast station (Kazuaki Yokoyama) [2014/10/03]

Okikamuro island 400th anniversary video in 2006.

 Tokyo Kamuro Party in 1977

Matsushige Yamada [2014/08/26]

Found Tokyo Kamuro party pictures in 1977


Masahito Yamada July 23rd, 2014 received

I received prize for 20th anniversary of my company from Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry few days ago.

Let's support Kamuro party's activity (response message to Mr. Masahito Yamada)

Kiyoshi Nishimura [July 13th,2014]

I'm grad to see you and your wife at Hiroshima Kamuro Party. Soon, I am impressed by your message 'Kamuro Party' on Okikamuro.com and felt you must be son of Nagamasa.

Kamuro Party

Masahito Yamada July 3rd, 2014 received

Don't you think to make Hawaii Kamuro party more active. I can be a coordinator for Hawaii Kamruo party.
Let's make all Kamruo party bigger and bigger.

Ancestors’ historical records trailed by Shigetoshi Yamada and Kiyoshi Nishimura

Shigetoshi Yamada 2013/11/28 received

Only few of us know about the name of ‘Seki Hassou-Gumi’ (Group of Eight Boats from Seki) and its group structure. Important to record the historical details for the next younger generation.

Canadian branch of Chojuro Furutani family tree

Akira Furutani [2014/2/14]

In 1956 mom and dad were squatting down by the back door looking fatigued but contented from a good day’s work.

About the article 'Canadian branch of Chojuro Furutani'

Masatomo Yagi [2014/2/16]

This document tells you Chojuro Furutani and Hanayo family history. it's written by their son Akira Furutani. They imigrated to Canada at late Meiji periode from Okikamuro island.

Worry about Grave

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2013/10/20]

It is thought that we should protect it properly from now on.

English translation for Kamuro Business page.

Translated by Masatomo Yagi [2013/03/20]

Kamuro Ippon Turi fishing, Kamuro TAI, Guest House TAI_NO_SATO, Guest House KOYOSHO, Fishing boat service SHOEI-MARU

One Day at Priority Seat in train

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2013/03/11]

after arriving my house, My wife said 'what do you do if they try to attack you by knife. don't accuse them anymore.' What do you think about it?

about Kamuro party  information