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Takashi Yanagihara

Takashi Yanagihara

Tokyo Kamuro party
Seaside museum 'Kunsan-so' owner

Kamuro Seaside Museum


Kamuro Seaside Museum

Takashi Yanagihara                                    recieved Sep. 03,2015


My name is Takashi Yanagihara

Yanagihara family has almost 400 years history in Okikamuro. My grandfather Takeji Yanagihara had built his second house at sea side of Hon-ura in Okikamuro after his successful hardware bushiness in Korean peninsula in beginning of 20th Century. At present, this house is well known by the people of Okikamuro island and it is called ‘Kunsan-so' house.

This time, Chief priest of Hakuseiji told me to open ‘seaside museum’ to preserve Okikamuro’s historical memories and asked me to use my house ‘Kunsan-so’ as a museum house to exhibit historical items. I feel very happy that ‘Kunsan-so’ is used as museum of Okikamuro because I love Okikamuro island very much.

This year (2015) Aug. 8th, I have visited Okikamuro island in 3 years to attend opening ceremony for the museum. At that time, it was first time to know that Kamuro Party exists. And I decided to join Tokyo Kamuro Party.

At opening ceremony of the museum, professors of Tenri University and Ritsumei University presented history episode of immigrants from Okikamuro and we could see the part of history from those photos in exhibition room.
I think I got new Okikamuro history knowledge and I felt new attractive face of Okikamuro. Especially the time when foreign countries’ information was limited before more than 100 years ago, many ancestors went traveled out to the world with challenge spirits. I respect their courageous activities.

We succeeded ancestors DNA and I think it is very important to hand it over to future next generation.

I like to support Okikamuro’s future development even though my power is small.

Seaside museum ('Kunsan-so' house owner)
Takashi Yanagihara

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