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Masahito Yamada

Masahiot Yamada

SANSEI Corp. president


attended to Kansai Kamuro Party meeting at 5th July

Masahito Yamada   recieved 15th July,2015

Thank you for inviting me to the Kansai Kamuro Party's annual meeting at July 5ht. I appreciate for all the member of Kansai Kamuro party.
I have enjoyed very much especially meeting with 'Oton' and 'Okan' of Osaka. Sorry saying 'Oton' and 'Oton'. ('Oton' means father in Osaka dialect. 'Okan' means mother. those are used within intimate relation. :editor's comment)
And I'm happy to meet Mr.Nishimura president of Ube., Chief priest Niiyama from Hakuseiji, Mr.Yamada president of Hiroshima., Mr.Yagi president of Tokyo kamuro party.
All the Kamuro parties' meeting in Japan has been finished for this year. This is my suggestion. Why don't we meet some other time in this year. it is ok with small group with close friends.
It's bit unsatisfied that there is no event until next year. We can make any reason to get together.
People meet many smiles when people get together. When people speak with smiles, people feel happyer in life.
Masahito Yamada

response messaages

Mr. Masahito Yamada
Thank you for your message and suggestion which encourage kamuro party more active.
Mr.Murano from Bocho club and officers from Tokyo office of Yamaguchi prefecture and me visited Mr.Nathan Funk fist secretary of Canada embassy in Tokyo last week.
This meeting is for finding any thing to collaborate Yamaguchi prefecture and Canada with each other's agriculture or fish food products. I expect future expanding of relationship of Canada and Yamaguchi prefecture.
It's great if Kamuro Party trigger the business relations between Canda and Yamaguchi prefecture.
It's also nice idea to meet in small group with close friends in Kamuro Party. We should arrange it?
Masatomo Yagi Kamuro Party.

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