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Teruo Shirogane

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Hiroshima Kamuro Party


To Hawaii tour members

Teruo Shirogane   recieved Mar. 18, 2015

I looked at HP of Hawaii tour. Wow! This piture must be Marie chan. I supprised.
She is daughter of very close relative of me. They sent to me pitures of their enjoying travel to Kamuro and Hiroshima 27 years ago.
I haven't seen her so long time. Immidiately I sent thanks mesagge to her about acceptiong president of Hawaii Kamuro party.
This is Shirogane, Hiroshima Kamuro party.

Mr. Shirogane.
Thank you for you message to okikamuro.com. I am very grad that you are relative of Ms. Marie Otani. I heard she is descendant of Mr. Matsujiro Otani. I like to hear about your family tree story when I attend Hirosima Kamuro Party's anual meeting this year. I'm preparing Hawaii tour web pages with many photos. This web pages will be ready soon. We hope okikamuro.com help to communicate with Hawaii Kamuro Party and it's future actividies.
Masatomo Yagi, Kamuro Party.

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