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Masahito Yamada

Masahiot Yamada

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Kamuro party

Masahito Yamada   recieved July 03,2014

May 15th,2014 Hiroshima Kamuro party was held at Hiroshima hotel Granvia. My name is Masahito Yamada and attended this party from Hiroshima.
Thank you for all persons attended. Many people from Tokyo, Yamaguchi, Osaka who are thinking about Okikamuro gathered together and spend happy hours.
I have attended kamuro party about 5 years ago and I couldn't make time to attend since then. This year, I could attend the party with my wife and my grandsons who are 12years and 5 years old after long time.
My father 'Nagamasa' passed away at 59 years old when I was 15. I think my father's dream was to live in Okikamuro island after retirement.
I return to Okikamuro island to visit family grave site for my father Masanaga Yamada and Haru Yamada (maiden name: Aoki) 4 or 5 times in a year since 20 yeaars ago. Every time I returned to Okikmaruo, I feel that I understand the meaning of my father's dream.
I talked very intimately with the person from Chiba prefecture, and I will help officer Fujimoto to increase members and for not to lose Kamuro party.
I visit Hawaii often. Mr.Aoki,President of Hawaii Kamuro party passed away 7 years ago. the Hawaii Kamuro party stops since then.
I promised with Chief priest of Hakuseiji temple to visit Hawaii February Next year definitely many times.
Why don't we join this travel as many as possible?
Don't you think to make Hawaii Kamuro party more active. I can be a coordinator for Hawaii Kamruo party.
Let's make all Kamruo party bigger and bigger.
I'm very happy if you send return message about your feeling to my message.
(please post your massge to kamuro party post mail address   mail address  post@okikamuro.com) 

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'Let's support Kamuro party's activity' Kiyoshi Nishimura July 13th 2014

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