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                                 Marie Otani    received May, 17 2015

 e-mail from Marie Otani (English and Japanese both written by Marie.  She is granddaughter of Matsujiro Oatni).

at Hakuseiji temple

Dear Mr. Yagi and Mr. Shirogane,

  Hello from Marie Sanae Otani in Hawaii! I was very happy to read your message and receive your letter! I'm sorry that it took so long to reply. My parents and I got sick soon after I got your letter. The three of us are all well now.

  I look at my Japan tour photo album from 1988 once in a while. It was my first tour to Japan and I enjoyed visiting Kamuro, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Hakone, Kyoto, Tokyo, and other places and I remember it well. I have fond memories of the meeting the relatives in Kamuro,

  My second tour of Japan was with my cousin in 2008. We dropped by Kamuro for just a short visit at night. We took pictures with the Ninomiya Kinjiro statue. We went to Hakuseiji temple and although Niiyama-sensei wasn't there, Mrs. Niiyama kindly opened the temple for us. I'm attaching two photos from that visit.

Please excuse my poor Japanese writing!

沖家室島金次郎銅像 Sharon and Marie at Ninomiya Kinjiro statue

1988年の日本旅行の写真、時々出します。 最初のツアーだから、家室、福岡、愛媛、広島、宮島、箱根、京都、東京等 よくおぼえてます。家室のみんなのにぎやかな顔、いいメモリです。
2008年、いとこと一緒にもう一度日本のツアー行きました。家室ちょっととまりました。二宮金次郎さんといっしょに写真とりました。 泊清寺まいりました。

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