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Masatomo Yagi

Masatomo Yagi

President of Tokyo Kamuro Party


About the article ‘Canadian branch of Chojuro Furutani family tree’

Masatomo Yagi                                  received Feb. 15th, 2014

   This New Year season, I received an e-mail from my cousin Marion Carmona about the permission to show ‘Canadian branch of Chojuro Furutani family tree’ on okikamuro party’s website okikamuro.com.

 Immediately, I started to translate this document and worked for making web document.  English, Japanese both version available now.  okikamuro.com/roots/akira_furutani_r001-e.html

   This document tells you about Chojuro Furutani family who immigrated to Canada from Okikamuro island. There is pictures of Chojuro and wife Hanayo.  I felt hope for future on their young face in that picture.  I asked Marion permission to show this document on Okikamuro web site. Marion is daughter of Tamae who is Chojuro’s daughter.

I thought ‘it may be’ and read the reprint book of ‘Kamuro’ journal. I found the name ‘Chojuro Furutani’ in the first publish of ‘Kamuro’ jounal at 1914. It says Journal publisher assigned him as Canadian branch manager and he lived in Vancouver and worked at sawmill.
Web page shows first 9 pages of the family history which is written by Chojuro’s son Akira Furutani. Family member added their family tree members After 10th page. Since Akira Furutani passed away at 2006, It must be very difficult to get permission of showing it at web site. I appreciate Marion for the effort to get permission.

Children of Chojuro took adventure to visit Okikamuro island like ‘treasure island’ and felt their excitement to travel to Okikamuro island and discovery of Furutani’s Family Crest which was born more than several hundred years ago.


 I think there is very strong driving force for that people who are in From 1st generation to present their descendants will visit ancestor’s home, okikamuro island to find their position in history and to feel satisfaction. The keywords ‘Ancestor’, ‘Home’, ‘Okikamuro island’ have something to appeal to the human instinctive sense.


I think I should write my family’s history from original ancestor to present generation. It is worth to keep Kamuro Party’s activities for the descendants of Okikamuro island who have same feeling.
The article ‘Shigetoshi Yamada and Kiyoshi Nishimura visiting Ancestor’s foot print’ written by Shigetoshi Yamada is now under preparation. This document was received from Matsushige Yamada (Shigetoshi’s son) recently and it will be soon uploaded to Okikamuro web page (okikamuro.com). Stay tuned.

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