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Masahito Yamada

Masahiot Yamada

SANSEI Corp. president


Visiting Hawaii 2016

Masahito Yamada   recieved 2nd Feb. 2016

Hello, everyone in Kamuro party. How is your life recently? Here is Yamada in Hiroshima Kamuro Party. I haven't send message to Okikamuro.com for several months. Mr. Yagi, Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Yamada, Mr.Nishimura and Chief priest Niiyama. I hope you all well.
I'm writing letter to Okikamuro.com from the hospital in where I have got hernia surgery. Actually I'm going to visit Hawaii from 29th of this month with my wife, cousin's couple and their children as 6 people group. I have just contacted with Narushiba chief priest of Jodo mission Hawaii. I'm Planning to visit chief priest Narushiba at first after arrival to Hawaii. If you have message to him, Please send e-mail to me.
I'm excited for this trip and also expecting Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima meetings this year. I'm looking forward to see you all.
Masahito Yamada


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