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Masahito Yamada

Masahiot Yamada

SANSEI Corp. president


attended to Tokyo Kamuro Party meeting at 7th June

Masahito Yamada    recieved 9th June,2015

At first, I like to thank to Mr. Yagi Tokyo Kamuro Party president for inviting me and my wife to 65th annual meeting of Tokyo Kamuro Party.
I appreciate to Mr. Miyamoto Kansai Kamuro Party president, Mr. Nishimura Ube Kamuro Party President, Mr. Niiyama Chief Priest of Hakuseiji and all member of Tokyo Kamuro Party for attending the annual meeting and I felt the party was meaningful and exciting.
Next month, Mr. Miyamoto Kansai Kamuro Party invited us to annual meeting of Kanasai Kamuro Party. I and my wife are very happy to join it. We are looking forward to attend the party. I hope this meeting going to be exciting same as Tokyo Kamuro party meeting.
On the other side, I felt the meeting of Hirosima Kamuro Party was little bit less excitement. We should exchange more ideas between members under Mr. Fujimoto Secretary of Hiroshima Kamuro Party to make it more exciting.
All members of Kamuro Party love Okikamuro island!

response messaages

Tokyo Kamuro Party asked Mr. Masahito Yamada to make a speech on 65th anniversary celebration party of Tokyo Kamuro Party as a one of three persons who are very active in business.
Two other very active persons in business were also asked memorial 5 min Speech at the same time.

After those three person’s speech, Party hall was heated up and all attendants were excited. 2 hours of the party had been passed in a second.
Please keep supporting to make Kamuro Party exciting more.
Masatomo Yagi Kamuro Party.

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