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Masahito Yamada

Masahiot Yamada

SANSEI Corp. president



Masahito Yamada   recieved July 03,2014

Message from UBE kamuro party president Nishimura. My self and past my father were very happy to read it. This is Masahito Yamada of Hiroshima Kamuro party.
I received prize for 20th anniversary of my company from Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry few days ago.
I started my company organization 20 years ago by myself. At that time, while I was taking care of my daughter after divorce, I was working at job site during day, arranging business dinner during night and joining business golf competition at holiday. My company recorded fairly big sale after 8 years of hard work.
My company had 25 employees and several subcontractors. However,runing company is not alway going upword like human life. Afer Leaman shock, sales of my company stalled or went down in this three to four years. I hired sales man five years ago. That was also my management failure. After morning, night will come and then next morning will come. After hard and cold Winter season, warm Spring will come. I never gave up to runing my company while firing employees at minimum level.
This year, sales volume going to achieve new record of my company. 'There is always achievement after strong will.'  this is my favorite words.
My grandmother told me that my father's name Nagamasa Yamada is same as historical Japanese hero's name who became king of Thailand. I think I'm still young in business world. I like to make more efort to cachup and overtake fore runner of management.
People who are related to Okikamuro or interested in Okikamuro, let's work for our society and let's work for bright future of Japan.
Thank you for reading my message. Looking forward to see you all at next time.
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