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masahito tanaka 

Masahito Tanaka
(Gogo island history book editor)

Okikamuro island my roots

(Gogo island history book editor) Masahito Tanaka

There is question about ‘okikamuro history part2’                      recieved Oct 29,2014

My name is ‘Masahito Tanaka’ (66 years old).  I was born in Gogo island Matsuyama city Ehime prefecture and member of editors of Local history book.
I have read ‘Kamuro Party’ home page.  I am interested in the article posted by Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura local history researcher. 
Kawano family’s vassal in Iyo country, load of ‘Akesawa’castle in Gogo island was Shirosaburo Ishizaki and his son Kanzaemon Ishizaki fought as member of Nou island Murakami army in west side at Sekigahara war and his side lost. He escaped into Yashiro island (present Suho-Oshima). And then, He and his followers seems to move Okikamuro island from Yashiro island.
Kanzaemon is younger brother of ‘Shirozaemon’ who is successor of Shirosaburo. After the Sekigahara war Shirosaburo Ishizaki became priest named ‘Dokan’ and continued to live in Gogo island with his family members.
When Edo age started, Ishizaki family was assigned as ‘Shoya’(village headman) because of his territory size. His family succeeded 'Shoya' position until Meiji revolution.
However, Shoya system was discontinued after Meiji revolution and their grave site had been abandoned and there is no grave site now in the island.
Therefore there is no grave site for Shirosaburo and we don’t know that he died in Gogo island or other place.
Now, I have question.
In the article ‘history of Okikamuro island part2’written by Mr.Kiyoshi Nishimura, there is picture of Ishizaki family ancestors tombstones. I’m very interested in muhoto(tower shape tombstone) shape on most right side in the picture. Whoes tombstone is it? ( I’m guessing that Shirosaburo Ishizaki after became priest moved into Okikamuro island.) ishizaki family tomb stone Muhoto (tower without hat) is for the person who became priest. I’m very happy if someone know about this, Please let us know.

(anybody knows about this question, any small infomation, Please post your message.mail to post@okikamuro.com) 

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