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New essay and articles (4/4)

English tarnslation is done for most of ESSAY and ROOTS

ESSAY and ROOTS traslated by Yoshitaka Furutani and Masatomo Yagi[2013/02/11]

Aoki,fujimoto,fujiwara,Inoue, Kijima,Nakayama,Nishimura Ka, Nishimura Ki,Shirogane,Yagi

Shigetoshi Yamada 

English version. My Kamuro No1~No8 translated and published

Shigetoshi Yamada [2012/10/27]

All Shigetoshi Yamada's Essai's translation is done. Translation is done by Mr.Yoshitaka Furutani. 

Endoscopy of the large intestine

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2012/09/03]

I got 'need more precise inspection' decision after inspection of colon cancer last month.

Shigetoshi Yamada 

Nagare Kancho'(Sending sprits after Bon fest.)

Shigetoshi Yamada [2012/03/20]

Visting Okikamuro's grave from Tokyo,Story about Candlestick in Hakuseiji(English translated by Yoshitaka Furutani)

2012年 Present condition report

Matsuyoshi Aoki  [2012/6/3]

I have decided to write my own history.

Shigetoshi Yamada 

My Kamuro No4 'Memory of grand father' (English translated by Yoshitaka Furutani)。

Shigetoshi Yamada [2012/03/20]

'yadoko' members willingly supported that 'Koshin'(Grand father) become cadidates to president of fishermen`s cooperative.(English)

straight ball question at Kansai Kamuro party in 2011. (English translated by writer)

Masatomo Yagi [2011/7/13]

'how can we make okikamuro island more prosper as before?' Unfortunately, no body has answer for this question. (English)

Okikamuro island

Noah Yagi [2012/6/24]

Last fall on a trip to Japan, I visited Okikumero Island. My grandfather, Mitsuo Yagi, lived on the island as a little boy, before coming to Canada.

Okikamuro island Map

Manami Yasui [2012/6/24]

At the Tenri University department-of-literature archaeology and a folklore laboratory, over two years, 2010 and 2011, I visited the Suo-oshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi-ken Okikamuro island and carried out fieldwork.

My Family history

Marion Carmona  [2012/04/28]

Chojuro Furutani was born in OkiKamuro, Yamaguchiken, Japan on July 20,1886. He married Hanayo (Kanai) in 1914 and came to Canada in the same year. My father, Mitsuo Yagi also from OkiKamuro was the second son of Torasuke and Yoshi.

shigetoshi Yamada 

My Kamuro No4 'Grand father'~No8 'My mother Hana' all Shigetoshi's essay published at once this time. (Mr.Shigetoshi Yamada passed away at 2011/10/2,、age96. )

Shigetoshi Yamada [2012/03/20]

boatman of 'Bakan' group and 'yadoko' members willingly supported that 'Koshin'(Grand father) become cadidates to president of fishermen`s cooperative.

Ground Golf and my 'Seken'

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2011/12/28]

Anyway, it is interesting. Saturday when Wednesday is over, When Saturday passes next Wednesday is long in coming.

Okikamuro island history (part3)

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2011/12/03]

By the way, retroactively to approximately 260 years ago from the older point in time, there was Kamuro battle in the Middle Ages 'NanBokuCho'.

Shigetoshi Yamada 

My Kamuro No2 'Loneliness' (Mr. Shigetoshi Yamada passed away Oct. 2nd, 2011 at age 96.)

Shigetoshi Yamada [2011/11/06]

This Minase island is the island that is particularly useful at the time of famine. Both the wheat and the millet are formed on above the soil and both the potato and the Japanese radish becoming under the soil are good very much.

Okikamuro island history (part2)

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2011/10/15]

The old record of Okikamuro is taken in this way outside an island, and it is said that there is almost none.

Shigetoshi Yamada 

My Kamuro No1 'upbringing'

Shigetoshi Yamada [2011/10/15]

on the stage of Ikegami Kumin Hall with three thousand audience, I got the certificate of commendation from the Governor of Tokyo. I wanted to show that to the grand-pa and grand-ma.

Gourmet Report 'Setsuki Kamuro Tai'

Masatomo Yagi [2011/10/10]

It is well known that fresh 'Kamuro Tai' is very good taste. However, 'Setsuki-kamuro tai' is said to be much more better taste.

Okikamuro island Shopping street Map

Yamaguch Prefecture History book local culture [2011/9/30]

From "Yamaguch Prefecture History book local culture" Result of Pro. Manami Yasui's reseach.

Teruo Shirogane 

Okikamuro's“8 Samurai”

Teruo Shirogane [2011/09/09]

The following people is great "8 Samurai" who were doing the key positions and improved the 'Kamuro'.

Kaname Kijima 

Tokyo Kamuro Party's history

Kaname Kijima [2011/08/27]

Aftre baton was handed from President Nakayama to President Yagi, Officer's Generation is moved from 1st generation to 2nd generation.

Shigefumi Fujimoto 

Hiroshima Kamuro Party

Shigefumi Fujimoto [2011/08/27]

at Last year's meeting, "Chihiro" Concert was held in Hiroshima Kamuro party. That was plan of our last president Yoshitaka Otani.

[2011/8/12]I have a link to the banner of twitter "Shoji Matsumoto"-Tai no Sato, and "Yoshihiro Yanagihara"(certified instructor) "fishing information of Okikamuro island" in the page of culture.

Shigetoshi Yamada 

after Bon, let's pray nenbutsu to send [Nagare Kancho]

Shigetoshi Yamada [2011/03/27]

years ago, after sending [Nagare Kancho], I joined into the circle to reel rosary of 'hyakumanbenn'(million times).

Okikamuro actual transitions and 'Kamuro Party'

Prof. Kosei Hirota [2011/7/29]

people who were born in Okikamuro, people who love okikamuro, people who related to the history and the location. Those people are remaking the similar culture as past.

Congratulations 'Kamuro party home page' opened

Prof. Manami Yasui [2011/8/2]

Honura and Susaki shopping streets Maps during the time from early Showa age to end of world war2

outside view of Kamuro party

Yoshihiro Fujiwara [2011/06/08]

 area of the island is 0.95 square Km which is almost same as Tokyo disney land plus Tokyo disney sea's area 1 square km or same as Jogashima's area 0.99 km2.

History research of Okikamuro island (part 1)

Kiyoshi Nishimura [2011/7/25]

I've started to investgate following places taking rubbed copy of okikamuro people's foot print like donation list for shrine stairs with Shigetoshi Yamada since 10 year's ago.

inside view of Tokyo Kamuro party

Iwao Inoue [2011/7/28]

at Showa 19th, during world war, 1st Tokyo Kamuro party was started with 18 people.


Akira Nakamura [2011/7/29]

listening Boyo steam ship gong, Green island was fading away, sixty six years has passed・・・・・

My Okikamuro 1

Kazutaka Nishimura [2011/7/31]

while many uncles and ants took care of me, many times I slept on the beach with Mosquito net.

straight ball question at Kansai Kamuro party in 2011

Masatomo Yagi [2011/7/13]

'how can we make okikamuro island more prosper as before?' Unfortunately, no body has answer for this question.

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