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Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

President of Towa-cho party


Became whiskey lover

Yoshihiro Fujiwara                               recieved Oct.30, 2014


More than 20 bottles of premium whiskey are sitting on dish rack in my house. And also there are some French brandy bottles in it. Those are the things I brought back from oversea travel few decades ago. At that time, I bought 3 bottles of whiskey and 2 cartons of cigarette at each travel. I felt it's loss that going home without buying whiskey and cigarettes because that volume is the upper limit of tax exemption. At that time, famous scotch whiskey and brandy were desire for ordinary people.
However, I couldn't open them, I was just watching them as precious collection. My wife felt them as obstacle and always said 'Please throw them away, It's going to have mold.'. Indeed they occupied fairly large space and their lable of bottles have been timeworn. Contents also seems to have been evaporation a little.
  One day, my favorite low-malt beer changed to new model and it happened for all vendor. And the taste of those new model went down steeply and unexpectedly. Old model had 99% less purine and new model has 100% less purine. I think there is reason for bad taste on those fact. I felt that I lost one of my pleasure at evening time.
  Let's try to open my treasure whiskey bottles from now! My age is close to end, I may loose chance to taste treasure whiskey. They may only become children annoying. Thus, evening drink was switched from low-malt beer of Purine cut into fine whiskey. Then I found that whiskey doesn't improve taste much after long year preservation in bottle.
  Three weeks has been passed after that. I went to the foot of Mt. Fuji trip with ground golf friends. Unfortunately, Typhoon came close. We made effort to play in raining at first day. However, we thought it was too hard for us to play in raining two days in a row. then we changed schedule to visit Kirin whiskey brewery. the brewery is located at National Route 138 between Gotenba and Lake Yamanaka.
  this brewery was operated under 'Kirin seagram' brand before. Malting, preparation, fermentation, distillation, storage and aging, blending, and bottling are the processes. because I started to drink whiskey recently, I watched those processes carefully more than other members.
  One month has been passed since then. NHK TV morning drama program changed to 'Massan' at begining of October. What a good timing! The story about the birth of Japanese whiskey. Now under this situation, I become whiskey fun and there is no way to leave whiskey. I have to know whiskey more and taste difference of whiskey more.
  Then almost two months has been passed, the space between bottles became wider on dish rack. my taste of whiskey became progressed...I think.
(Yoshihiro Fujiwara Oct.30 2014)

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