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Stacey Hayashi 

Stacey Hayashi

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Manga about 442nd Regimental Combat Team

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Stacey Hayashi produced Movies are screened in Hawaii International Movie Festival

                                Masatomo Yagi    posted Oct, 29th 2015

 Stacey Hayashi (Honolulu Hawaii) is 4th generation of Okikamuro island. Her success was published in the Yomiuri shinbun evening paper 13th page Oct. 26th 2015.

 ‘Struggle of Nisei soldier Movie’ is the title of the article. ‘Nisei soldier of World War2 worked as translator is hero in two short stories. Those two movies are screened at Hawaii International Movie Festival in November this year. Struggling between two ‘homeland’ and bearing prejudice and discrimination are pictured and produce by Japanese 4th generation woman. ‘ is the summary of this article.

 Because of intellectual property, this Yomiuri shinbun's article cannot be in this web site. Please check the newspaper. A part of the article is on Yomiuri online web site.


  Stacey Hayashi have posted her introduction to okikamuro.com this June.

  Manga about 442nd Regimental Combat Team

 It is very happy for Kamuro Party that descendants of Okikamuro island are active. (Editor)

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