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Daigo Sakae

Sakae Daigo

Suho-Oshima wada (Shiroki peninsla district community committee)


The commercialization of Japan's finest hijiki is at its final stage ...!

Daigo Sakae   recieved May 17, 2021

Until three years ago when I was working at a bank, I never thought I would be a fisherman. I joined the fishery cooperative, got a boat, got a boat license ..

I have been training under my teacher for two years, and since I was told "you will do it!" this year, I've been preparing little by little with my teacher's daughter on holidays, early morning and at night. For the sale of #okikamuro hijiki (#沖家室ひじき).

I’m working hard with help from Seki-Satoko illustration & Design Works who is Designer illustrator in Yamaguchi

First of all, I want to value the direct dialogue with the buyers anyway, so I will not expand the distribution destination in the form of only online sales and direct exchange sales.

5 reasons why Okikamuro Hijiki is the finest


okikamuro hijiki

okikamuro hijiki

okikamuro hijiki

Daigo Sakae

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