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Yoshimi Furutani

Junzo Ohama

Former NHK chief Director, Former teacher of NHK Culture Center 'Enjoy Classic'


Nostalgic Shiraki Village

Junzo Ohama      recieved April 30, 2021

To: Masatomo Yagi Kamuro Party

 I am grateful and grateful to Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura for reading "Okikamuro Island 5 and 6" and for the various lives and memories of the nostalgic Shiraki Village.

 Thank you for your valuable email.

 As the pandemic of the new corona continues, we, the Ohama couple (82 years old), our two daughters, and our two granddaughters are all fine, but be careful and go out as much as possible. Every year, we gather at neighborhood halls and sing our favorite songs (I am always nominated as a leader when singing songs, so I choose an appropriate song and sing and listen to it together. (I share a good time with them), or I go hiking. But this year, because of Corona, we are not planning to hold a Sakura Festival in the town block and a meeting at the neighborhood hall. I am praying earnestly that we all have an early end to Corona.

 I pray that the day when I can meet my nostalgic people with peace of mind will come soon.

 Afternoon on April 30, 2021 (Friday), while praying for the health of everyone from Suo-oshima, the hometown, Junzo Ohama, Junko, and the whole family

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