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tj okamura 

TJ Okamura

Washington state USA

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(2)

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(1)

Okikamuro island, roots

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(2)

 TJ Okamura  received Aug. 16 2019


TJ Okamura
family photo Seatle around 1920-1926


TJ Okamura
Nipponkan Seatle around 1920-1926

Mr. Yagi

Thank you for responding my request. Sorry about taking long time to answer you.

I have not visited to Hawaii museum in Suo-Oshima. Do they have website?

Unfortunately I don't know 'Yusuke Okamura'.

Sen Hamasaki imigrated to USA at 1920 or 1903. Shoichi Okamura started to live in USA since around 1900.

Sorry, I'm not sure Sen Hamasaki is from Jikamuro or Okikamuro.

I could get following information from my relatives.

Sen Hamasaki

●born at 1883 in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

●husband: Shoichi Okamura

●parents: Kamematsu Hamasaki, Naka Fujinaga

●father of Naka Fujinaga: Genjiro Fujinaga

●brothers: Ichiroemon Hamasaki, his wife: Natsuko

Shoichi Okamura

●Birth date: July 25, 1877

●born: Yamaguchi Prefecture

●parents: Yasujiro Okamura, Kinu Yamamoto

●brother and sister: Sawa Okamura, Sakae Okamura, Kenzo Okamura

●He returned to Japan at 1916 and went back to USA at July 27, 1916 by Sado-Maru.

Kenzo Okamura

●Birth date: Sep. 11, 1883

●wife: Yoshiko Ota

●imigrated to USA at May 18,1912

●returned Japan at about 1918 and 1930.

Please help me getting my roots.

TJ Okamura

Hello, TJ Okamura

Is it possible to publish your mail information on the roots page in okikamuro.com?

if you have some information not to publish, please tell me the parts. I eliminate that part of your mail.

My information source is very limited. There is possibility that someone may inform us your roots after reading your published mail.

Website of Hawaii museum seems not exist, but Suo-Oshima town website has Hawaii museum information. http://www.town.suo-oshima.lg.jp/syoukoukankou/hawaiishiryokan.html

You can search immigration records in Meiji period using their computer system. Probably this system can be available only in the museum.

I could find my great grandparents data at the museum. They immigrated to Hawaii and Canada in Meiji period.

Masatomo Yagi Kamuro Party

Mr. Yagi

Hellow, this is TJ.

It's Ok to publish my mail on okikamuro.com.

Photos about Shoichi Okamura are attached. Those pictures were taken in USA.

TJ Okamura

please check 'Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(1)'.
If you have any information, Please send e-mail to post@okikamuro.com

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