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tj okamura 

TJ Okamura

Washington state USA

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(2)

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(1)

Okikamuro island, roots

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(1)

TJ Okamura  received Aug. 9 2019


TJ Okamura
TJ Okamura


My name is TJ Okamura. I am a yonsei from Washington State, USA.

Recently, from research, I discovered my great-grandmother, Sen Hamasaki, might be from Kamuro-Nishigata Village.

Her father was Kamematsu Hamasaki. Sen Hamasaki married Masaichi Okamura from Yamaguchi prefecture, Oshima district, Agenoshio (Agenosho?) village.

Can you help me confirm if she was from Kamuro Mura?

Thank you


TJ Okamura

Hello, TJ Okamura

Thank you for asking about your great grandmother Sen Hamasaki.

I couldn't find 'Hamasaki' name in Tokyo Kamuro party memberlist. I'll check this to other members. There is also no 'Hamasaki' in Kamuro Family tree database.

Have you ever visit to Hawaii museum in Suo-Oshima? When did Sen Hamasaki migrated to USA?

'Kamuro Nishikata village' is old name of kamuro, but there are two kamuros where are Jikamuro and Okikamuro. Okikamuro is Okikamuro island and is located off shore of jikamuro.

Name 'Yusuke Okamura' is in Tokyo Suo-Ohshima Towa town member list. Do you know him?

Many people migrated to Hawaii and Canada. Do you know When did her family moved to Washington state?

Any way. I will try to investigate about this.

Masatomo Yagi, Kamuro Party

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