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Genso Yashiro 

Genso Yashiro

Suo-Oshima local historian

Okikamuro island, roots

Suo-Oshima(Yashiro island) and Aoki family

 Genzo Aoki   recieved Nov. 28, 2020

1. Aoki family in Suo-Oshima

I live in Kanto area for half of the year and live in Suo-Oshima for rest of the months.

I go to swimming school every day while I am staying in Kanto area to keep my body stronger because I can’t work at farm.

One day at swimming school, a lady noticed my car plate of ‘Yamaguchi’ and asked me. ‘Are you from Yamaguchi prefecture?’. ‘Which area of Yamaguchi prefecture?’.

I answered ‘I’m from Suo-Oshima and you are?’.

‘Is that right? I’m also from Agenosho of Suo-Oshima. My family name is Aoki. Do you know?'

I answered ‘The old Aoki of Agenosho is probably the Aoki family famous for doctors.’

The Lady Aoki responded. ‘I’m not sure about that. I’m not famous Aoki. I think my family is farmer.’

This daily conversation make me to study about ‘old Aoki family history’ of Suo-Oshoima. There is no one who doesn't know about old Aoki family of Suo-Oshima among local historian.

In Meiji era, Aoki studied in Siebold class and became expert of smallpox. He became the lord's doctor of Mori clan. His younger brother became great Emperor’s doctor of Emperor Meiji and he also was member of noble as Viscount. Aoki family was noble family.

In recent episode, antigovernment group occupied Japanese embassy in Peru. Many party's Japanese guests became hostage for long time. The President of Peru was Fujimori who is descendant of Kumamoto. He ordered to make tunnel to Japanese embassy and rescued all hostages. I believe many people remember this news. The ambassador who hosted the party at this time (certainly the Emperor's Birthday) was Morihisa Aoki, who was from the Wada branch of Suo-oshima. He is a descendant of the Aoki family.

A South American immigration section has been added to Yashiro's (Suo-Oshima’s) "Hawaii Immigration Museum," but it's a pity that museum doesn't mentioned about him who is descendant of Oshima. Director Kimoto, please be considerate.

The Aoki family on Yashiro (Suo-Oshima) Island is an old family, so there are quite a lot of records.

The ones with strong historical value are the Hagi Clan "Chikajoshi(land report)", "Fudo Chushin An(Climate Note)", "Hagi Clan Review and Record," and "Kyuroku cho". Based on these, "Towa Town Magazine", "History of Tachibana Town" and Professor Tsuneichi Miyamoto’s "Ogata/Aoki clan" were written. It is seen in those books.

Using these as materials, there is a book "Tanoura no Sato (Aoki Family Story)" by Kazuko Hamasaki, a descendant of the Aoki family. Mrs. Hamasaki has also collected materials for many years and used them as a supplementary work with her own "Aoki Family Tree". I regret to say that she might not see the "Hagi Clan Review Record" and there is no quotation from the record.

Since the Aoki family originated from the Tajihi clan, the related records of the "Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo", which has high material value, cannot be ignored.

Now, I like to start the story based on “Aoki Family Story” by Kazuko Hamasaki.

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