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Masatomo Yagi

Masatomo Yagi

President of Tokyo Kamuro Party


‘I’m working for fishing business at Kukuiula’

Masatomo Yagi      received July 5th, 2020

[Kamuro reprinted jounal]

Long time ago, more than ten years ago, I got a book called ‘Kamuro reprinted (Kamuro 1st issue Sept. 5th 1914)’. I looked for my great grandfather or grandfather’s information in that book. But, there was no information about my great grandparents ‘Kanekichi , Toku Yagi’. My grandfather Torasuke Yagi‘s message (I’m working as ship builder in here.) was found in the book. And then I noticed Trazo Aoki ‘s information (His message ‘I’m working for fishing business at Kukuiula’). Trazo Aoki married with Kame Furutani who is my mother’s father’s sister. They had attended my mother’s wedding party in 1939.

My mother passed away 5 years ago and she told me about Okikamuro life every time I visited care home. My mother told about her wedding party picture which was taken at front of Yagi house in Okikamuro and many relatives are there. Among many relatives Torazo and Kame Aoki were in it. My mother told me that Trazo and Kame returned to Okikamuoro from Hawaii for short time and they gave her many many presents from Hawaii. My mother’s brother Matsuyoshi Aoki became Torazo Aoki’s adapted son before Torazo immigrate to Hawaii. And Matsuyoshi succeeded Torazo’s house in Okikamuro.

I thought at that time ‘I like to visit Kukuiula in Kauai where Torazo was living some time in future’. Few days later when I have time, I have tried to find Kukui bay in Kauai using google earth. I couldn’t find ‘Kukui bay’ but found ‘Kukuiula bay’. I guess somebody in Kamuro journal publisher translated ‘ula’ to Jpanese ‘bay’

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[2015 Hakuseiji Hawaii tour]

5 years ago (2015), I joined the Hakuseiji Kamuro party Hawaii tour. Sakuko Aoki who is wife of Matsuyoshi Aoki asked me to find the ‘Kaimyo’ (Buddhist name) for Torazo Aoki because she wanted to put Torazo’s ‘Kaymyo’ on ‘Ihai’ (Buddhist tablet) in her house when I told her about Hawaii tour. She didn’t know Torazo’s ‘Kaimyo’.

We visited Honolulu Jodo mission one day before last day of tour. I happened to see Mrs. Helen Ebesu who is from Kauai at Honolulu Jodo mission. I heard she is form Kauai when we are talking each other taking lunch. Then I asked her about Trazo showing my parents wedding picture and pointing Trazo face in the picture without expecting good response. Mrs. Helen answered she remembers Torazo was living neighbor long time ago in Kauai. She did not know who is Torazo clearly. She said she will investigate more about him. Kauai was not included in tour destinations.

I’m not sure who mentioned but somebody in Hawaii Kamuro club asked me ‘Are the guy saying Okidkamu is going to disappear in future’. I felt she sounded like descendant of Okikamuro and also felt satisfaction that members of Hawaii Kamuro club are reading newly opened Okikamuro.com articles.

[eMail from Helen]


After few months since Hawaii tour, I have received email from Helen. ‘I have investigated about Torazo Aoki who you are looking for. Fortunately, I lived in Kukuiula and remember Aoki Trazo family as neighbor. I was very young and didn’t know name of the family. Present Kukuula is completely different from that time. I asked bishop of Kaapa Jodo mission about Trazo, He is going back to Japan. He promised to inform this request to bishop of Koloa Jodo mission. Kukuiula is part of Koloa area. Bishop of Koloa Jodo mission should be looking for Torazo Aoki information. This is the best I can do at this moment.’

I returned thank you mail and asked send message if Helen get new information.

And a month later again. I received 2nd email from Helen. ‘Roy Nishita grandson of Trazo Aoki visited Kauai island. I told him about you. I let you know his address in California. He is not using PC so write letter to him. And my brother was living in Ogori in Japan. His name is Isao Nishimura. (He died few years ago)’

I wrote letter to Mr. Nishita in California and didn’t get response.

I’ve attended Kansai Kamuro party annual meeting in that year and talked to Sumie Yanagihara. She told me that Helen’s father is brother of Sumie’s grandmother. She also said that her aunt Isobe in Okikamuro explained Trazo is younger brother of Heikichi Isobe and so my mother (Akiyo) and Helen are cousin relation each other. Sumie said that is amazing. However, I still believed Torazo Aoki is real son of Aoki family and answered to Sumie ‘Torazo Isobe must be different person from Torazo Aoki’.

Next year autumn, I’ve received 3rd email from Helen. ‘In my childhood, Isobe family was living close to Aoki family. At that time I was thinking Isobe family and Aoki family were not related. When I grew up, I knew Tomo Isobe is my father’s sister but sill did think Isobe family is not related to Aoki family. Later I knew that Sumie Yanagihara’s grandmother Mume Furukawa is my father’s sister. I and Sumie are descendants of Matsuda family in Okikamuro.

Every time I attend to Kansai Kamuro party annual meeting, I talked to Sumie Yanagihara. She told me that Amy Yamashita is also our relative and Amy Yamashita used to teachi in University of Hawaii. However, I still thought Torazo aoki is different from Torazo Isobe.

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