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Teruo Shirogane

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Hiroshima Kamuro Party


Matsujiro Otani Photo

Teruo Shirogane March 27, 2021 received

This is Shirogane in Hirooshima.

The other day from my relative Marie Otani (Chairman of the Hawaii Kamuro club) I was informed that a rare photo came out.

It looks like a photo taken by Matsujiro Otani with his friends in Kamuro before he went to Hawaii.


backside of the photo


It is written like this on the back.

This photo was taken in September of the lunar calendar in 1904.

from top right

Matsujiro Matsunaga

Yusuke Matsuo

Takaichi Yanagihara

Matazo Okamoto

From the bottom right

Otogoro Furutani

Ishimatsu Kanai

Matsutohsi Kijima

Choichi Kanai

Matsujiro Otani

Taken by Iyo Mitsugahama-cho photo shop

For those in this photo. I was wondering if there are many people who have a connection. Posted with Marie's permission.

I know everyone.


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