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Tomozawa mansion in Agenosho

Shoji Matsumoto    received Feb 14. 2021

Tomozawa Mansion Agenosho

  I had a business and visited Mr. Mitsuda who lives in Mitsumatsu, Agenosho. I had previously heard from Mr. Mitsuda that there was a Tomozawa mansion nearby. Mr. Tomozawa is the flow of the Ishizaki family who settled in the Okikamuro in 1606. Originally a vassal of the Kono clan in Iyo, Kono family was destroyed in Sekigahara in 1600, and he left Gogo Island and moved to the Okikamuro. After that, the second generation of the Ishizaki family was picked up by the Mouri clan as a samurai and named himself Tomozawa. However, the finances of the Mouri clan were tight and unpaid. Therefore, Ominase Island off the coast of Okikamuro and Uka Island off the coast of Hikuma were sent as territories.

  At the time of the Ishizaki family memorial service, I was concerned because I heard that there is land in Mitsumatsu, Agenosho when I talked and drunk with the owner and his family who were going to stay night there. I was surprised to hear from Mr. Mitsuda that there was a Tomozawa mansion nearby.

  The Ishizaki family seems to have had great power. He opened the Okikamuro and asked by Mouri to play the role of guard boat, and served as the deputy officer of the Gobansho. He also served as a Shoya (chief) in 11 villages in the eastern part of Oshima District. So, when I opened Towacho history book, I found it in detail. As expected, it is written by Mr. Tsuneichi Miyamoto. He was analyzing ancient documents transmitted to the Tomozawa family. He has requested the clan to cultivate Uka island and Agenosho. The book says, "He reclaimed the Akito Pond in Mitsumatsu Agenosho and make it into a paddy field.". That would be the photo.

  According to Mr. Mitsuda, the road along the river in front of the house used to be a way back and forth. It is a highway from the Edo period. It is said that there is a Tomozawa mansion along this road. By the way, there was a classmate's house called Kagimoto-kun nearby and I often stayed there. I think it was the sea under the road, but was it reclaimed?

  Perhaps I ran 200 meters on the road, and when I crossed the bridge, I saw a mansion with a strong structure. This is it. It gives off a strange aura, but it seems to be quite damaged. According to Mr. Mitsuda, it has been a long time since it was abandoned. However, it is a large mansion and the structure seems to have made a fortune. It started to rain, so I passed by in a hurry, but I would like to check Mr. Tomozawa again.

  The current owner is unknown.


Tomozawa Mansion Agenosho

Shoji Matsumoto

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