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Shoji Matsumoto

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Okikamuro 1980

Shoji Matsumoto    received Aug. 2020

Okikamuro 1980

Attached article was published at March 7 1980 on Chugoku News paper. Related articles were published in 13 series. The third series was about my father.

This article was written by Masayasu Nihada reporter who was working as Oshima branch manager of Chugoku Newspaper. He visited ‘Tai no Sato’ guest house few days ago and he showed to me this article.

My father started Recreational fishing business about 7 or 8 years before the time when this article was written. It should be around 1973 and I should be 17 years old. I can recall that guests of recreational fishing visited our house when I was 2nd grade of high school.

My father was 47 years old at that time . I remember that recreational fishing charge was 35,000 yen for 3 person group. 3% of that charge was payed for Fisheries association. I remember my father was talking ‘we cannot take all. We have to pay ‘Gobu no kousen’ (management fee)’ in a lawful manner. I think fishing charge was definitely expensive compare to now but fishing result must be very good at that time. I can understand that situation because father took me for fishing when no guest is scheduled. The fish cage of boat was full with snappers or yellow tails and all plugs of fish cage of boat were pulled out. That why my father’s boat was very slow when coming back to home port. The boat was biggest in the island but it was passed by many other boats.

I didn’t know my father was leading to make recreational fishing association. I was 24 years old at 1980 when this article was published. I was already working at Hiroshima and subscribed Chugoku Newspaper but I didn’t notice this article.

Other series articles on the paper were nostalgic for me. ‘Setomaru’ which is a boat carried people from Okikamuro island to Suo-Oshima. Shinnosuke Kimura owner of drug store worked to save folk equipments and he wrote article introducing 11 students of Okikamuro primary school as ’22 no hitomi(eyes)’. (‘22 no hitomi’ is famous novel title). There are more articles like Yanagihara clinic’s Toshio Yanagihara who is called ‘red beard doctor’(famous historical doctor at Edo era.). Prof. Tsuneichi Miyamoto who helped lot to make Okikamuro bridge and Niiyama chief priest of Hakuseiji (Deputy chief priest at that time) ‘s work was also reported. Chief priest Niiyama was 29 years old and his hair was so bushy.

I think I saw the Chugoku newpaper which is the local newspaper that walked with the region.

Shoji Matsumoto

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