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Shoji Matsumoto

Owner of 'TAI_NO_SATO' guest house

Okikamuro island, roots

Fisherman in Okikamuro

                     Shoji Matsumoto    received Feb. 4th 2019
His father passed away March 5th 2019. (editor)

Haruhisa Matsumoto

Several days ago, my classmate in Osaka visited me suddenly. It was weekday. What happened to you? ‘My elder brother has been hospitalized by stroke.’

He was looked healthy. I was surprised and felt fears about this illness which happens without notice. There are many cases of variety situations both ‘It’s reasonable’ or ‘why it’s happened’.

My father fell down by stroke about 27 years ago when he was 66 years old. The blood vessels in his brain were clogged. He had always said that he has low blood pressure. So he didn't take long baths, and he didn’t wear socks even in cold winter. He was not worried about cerebral hemorrhage which is also a symptom of high blood pressure. What’s a irony, his blood vessels got clogged with hypotension.

Fortunately He had not big damage after recovery from stroke. It took one year until he starts his fishing job after recovery. He was not fully recovered. He said ‘I feel not well right after taking medicine. Several years after recovery, He seemed to be fully recovered and he started to say he is going to build new fishing boat when he was 73 years old.

My father said apologetically.

‘I like to build new boat. Is it OK for you?’

‘Do whatever you want.’ I answered without hesitation.

‘You are so good. You allowed father to build boat,’

Nothing surprise. It is normal father spend his money which he earned.

New Boat had been completed and launched at the shipyard after one year. The picture was taken at that ceremony. New ship was no so big compare to before. He said that boat size is enough for him at that time. He used owned biggest boat in okikamuro island.

This memorial photo was taken by Mr. Sada Ishii. Fisherman friends gathered at front of new boat. Mr. Ishii who took photos and other fishermen are not in this world at present.

Song for launching boat was traditionally ‘Gunkan(War ship) march’. My wife who is teacher resisted strongly to use war song and changed the war song to ‘Tairyou Utaikomi (Big fishing song)’

That day in 2000 was 19y ears ago. At that time, my father was 74 years old. He built 14 fishing boats in his life. This number is abnormally bigger than other fishermen. If small fishing boats for his sons are included that number becomes 17. He made money so much. And the launched fishing boat became last new fishing boat build in Okikamuro island.

fishing boat launch 
fishing boat launch 

My father is living in care home now. He remembers only younger age period. He repeated only younger age success stories. I think he is dreaming about the time when he was busy to fish red snappers on rolling boat in the sea wave. He becomes 93 years old this year.

Shoji Matsumoto

His father passed away March 5th 2019. (editor)

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