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Hakuseiji Kamuro party Hawaii tour at Feb. 2020  (Honolulu Jodo mission Oahu, Hilo Meishoin Hawaii, Koloa Jodoin Kauai)

Honolulu Jodo mission Oahu 2020/2/15

     Honolulu Jodo misson        

After pray at Church main hall, Honolulu Kamuro club invited us to dinner party. At 5 years ago, Marie Otani expressed herself to be president of Honolulu Kamuro Club. Members of Honolulu Kamuro club seems to be increased. we appreciate to members of Jodo mission and Kamuro club very much.


at front of Honolulu Jodo mission.


at Honolulu Jodo mission main hall.


Bishop Niiyama handed message book to Marie Otani president of Honolulu Kamuro club.


Member of Honolulu Kamuro club gave leis and presents to all visitors. we received lei's and presents at Hawaii island and Kauai island also.


This time, Greeting of bishop Niiyama was tanslated by amature interpretor Yagi president of Tokyo kamuro party.


gougeous desserts


Buffet style dinner dishes. Tempra was so delicious which we cannot have many chances to eat in Japan.


After dinner, memebers of Honolulu and Japan Kamuro club exchanged many information like family tree. I (editor) found my relatives in Hawaii at this time. (Kame Aoki in the family tree chart was editor's mother's aunti.)

Hilo Meishoin Hawaii 2020/2/16


We visited Hilo Meishoin 5 years ago also. After pray at Meishoin main hall, Members of Hilo invited lunch at Meishoin meeting room and they took us to sightseeing tour to Kilauea volcano park and Hilo town by their own cars. And at end of the day, we enjoyed dinner and entertainment show. They took care of us all day. We really appreciate Meishoin and members.


At front of Hilo Meishoin.


arranging group for member's private car.


Yagi's and Hamada's were assigned to Dr. Hara's car.


At Kilauea steam hole. with Dr. Hara.


Kilauea recently exploded and all tour facities are closed now. We are guided to volcano edge in american military camp area. I think only local person can guide this path to volcano view.


Statue of King Kamehamha.


Entertaimet at dinner party. Mieko Yagi's hula.


Okumura inroduce herself by english. All members from Japan inroduced themself in english.


Mashito Yamada and Yosuke Niiyama sang Sukiyaki song.


ukulele show by cheif priest of Hilo shrine.


Authentic song.


At the end of pary, every body danced BON dance.

Koloa Jodoin Kauai 2020/2/17


We visited Koloa Jodoin in Kauai island. After pray in Koloa Jodoin main hall, Members of Koloa Jodoin and Kauai Yamaguchi kenjin kai invited us large luch party. After lunch at Koloa Jodoin, members in Kauai also took us tour to sightseeing and hotel. We appreciate all members in Kauai.


Pray for ancestors at Koloa Jodoin main hall.


This temple was designed and build by Yanagihara who is from Okikamuro island. He designed so that natural sun light up Buddha statue. Statue lighted by sun was so beautifull.


Picture after pray. Paints on cieling are also painted by Yanagihara. Bishop Ishikawa of Koloa Jodoin showed me(editor) 'Torazo Aoki' record in Kako-cho.


Wellcom hula by member of Kauai island.


Professional musician played guitar as backgroud music at lunch time.


Hula by Mieko Yagi.


Bishop Niiyama explained me(editor) Hakuseiji Kakocho copy for Torazo Aoki the time he is in Okikamuro.


Bishop Niiyama of Hakuseiji and bishop Ishikawa of Koloa Jodoin.


Greeting from Sizuo Niiyama bishop of Hakuseiji.


Introduction of members from Kamruo Party in Japan by Masatomo Yagi(editor)


Lunch paryt at Koloa Jodoin


Instant Hula class, all members joined to this lesson.


News reporter Satao took this picture at Kukuiula bay where Torazo Aoki was working as fisherman 100 years ago. This bay became resort area now.


Left of bishop Niiyma is Hellen Ebesu. She visted us to the hotel and gave us lei and presents. I found after this tour that she is my mother's cousin. Hellen investigated Torazo's family in Kauai after when I showed my mother's wedding pichter with Torazo and Kame Aoki at last visit to Hawaii 5 years ago.


Sunrize of Kauai is very look a like Okikamuro island sea.

This time Hawaii tour became very impressive tour for me(editor). Amy Yamashia showed me her hand written family tree chart for Torazo and Kame Aoki after dinner at Honolulu Jodo misshon. Kame Aoki is my mother's father's sister. I couldn't understand well that time because I couldn't digest this fact well. And then Bishop Ishikawa of Koloa Jodoin showed me the Torazo's page in Kakocho after I asked about Torazo. Many evidences which I was looking for suddenly appeared to me at once. My brain paniced. Many years ago, I found the sentence 'I'm working at Kukuiula as fisherman' by Torazo Aoki in newly published reprinted 'Kamuro' journal. I wished to visit Kukuiula some time at that time. Ancestor's record is kept in Temple and descendant visit and find the record and find many relatives in that area. What a wonderful thing. I confirmed one of the meanings of temple in this tour. I will post detail of this story to this site near future.

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