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At Honolulu Jodo mission Feb. 15th 2020

We have received pictures in Honolulu Jodo mission from Marie Otani. (photo by Water Mitsui) receeved June 13 2020


Honolulu Jodo mission. Group picture after pray for ancestors. (click to enlarge)



Rev. Niiyama in Honolulu Jodo mission.


Rev. Yosuke Niiyama, Rev. Nakano, Rev. Tsuneki Niiyama.


Rev. Nakano, Rev. Niiyama


Rev. Niiyama (Hakuseiji)


Rev. Nakano(Honolulu Jodo Mission)


At front of Honolulu Jodo Mission.


President Marie Otani(Hawaii Kamuro Club)


President Miyamoto(Kansai Kamuro Party),Rev.Yosuke Niiyama, Professor Manako Ogawa


at dinner, Shoko Hamada(center of pict.)


Rev Niiyama greeting. Mr. Yagi interpreter.


Mr. Takeshi Mizokawa and Mrs Reiko Mizokawa


President Marie Otani and Rev. Shizuo Niiyama.


Many presents from Hawaii Kamuro club.く


Mr. Alan Aoki explained his research bock about ancestors. Prof. Manako Ogawa, Rev. Shizuo Niiyama and news writer Shinsaku Satao.


group pictre at Ikoi Hall.


group pictre at Ikoi Hall.


Farewell song Aloha oe.



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