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2019  Kansai Kamuro Party Annual Meeting

Kansai Kamuro Party  
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2019 annual meeting of Kansai Kamuro Party has been held at July 7,2019, Hotel Keihan Tenmabashi restaurant Tengiku. 59 memebers attended.


Tomiyuki Miyamoto president of Kansai kamuro party. Opening speech.



Shizuo Niiyama chief priest of Hakuseiji. Explained about Oshima bridge accident and appricated the emergency food support to Okikamuro island by Masahito Yamada using own curuser boat. he also talked about activities about Shiroki peninsula community committee.


Masatomo Yagi President of Tokyo Kamuro Party. He talked about 59 attendants to Kansai meeting which is much larger than Tokyo meeting. He also talked about support for Shiroki peninsula community committee's activities and asked more data supply to the Family tree project.


Minoru Yamada President of Hiroshima kamuro party. talked about Shiroki peninsula comunity committee activities.



Kiyoshi Nishimura President of Ube Kamuro Party. 'I'm sill young and working hard.'


Presidnet of Kansai Towacho club. He attended first time to Kansai Kamuro party meeting. 'There are many things to learn in this meeting.'


Leader of Shiroki peninsula comunity committee. There are many vacant house in Shiroki peninsula area but only 1 of 100 houses is good for rental home, others are all too old. It's not easy to invite new imigrant to this area.



Masahito Yamada member of Hiroshima Kamuro party. Let's join to next year Hawaii tour.

(Last year when Suho-oshima had bridge accident, he brought emergency food supply to Okikamuro island by own crouser boat and his own expense. This emergency support had been done three times. We all appriciate to his effort.)


Isao Ebisuzaki Cheers!





Masato Katsuyama. Descendant of Okikamuro originator Tomozawa family. He is posting his ancesstor's stories to Okikamuro.com.


Kimitaka Nishimura. Son of Kiyoshi Nishimura president of Ube Kamuro party.




They worked as receptionists today.


Tsuneki Niiyama priest of Hakuseiji. Lottery chooser.


Daigo Sakae. He won Hijiki(seaweed).

Present population of Okikamuro island is about 120 and not stop the declining. All members of Kamuro party including Kansai is supporting Okikamuro island.

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