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Yoshimi Furutani

Furutani Yoshimi

Tokyo Kamuro Party(Chiba-shi)


Attending Tokyo Kamuro Party meeting.

Yoshimi Furutani                                                                                        recieved June. 10th 2019

Hello Mr. Yagi, Thank you for your e-mail.

I’ve attended Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting after long time absence because Keiko Harada invited me. She is my classmate for elementary school and junior high school.

I like to introduce myself. I got job at a company in Tokyo at Showa34(1934) and worked in the company until retirement age at 2000 and I got job again at real estate company until retirement at 2016.

It was about 60 years salaryman life. Because my job was in construction business, I experienced Tokyo Olympic and Osaka Expo construction site. I worked at Tokyo branch office thru whole life without transferring to other branches. There was no big trouble in my salaryman life.

I have joined Tokyo Kamuro party meeting at Nogi-Shrine Kenpo Kaikan long time ago and I stopped to join the meeting because there was no person who I know.

However this time, I met unexpected person. He is Shigeyoshi Nishimura who took care very much of me while I was in elementary school.

He must be in Iwakuni city. Why?? Same name different person? I met him 65 years ago when I returned to Okikamuro island for Obon festival(Aug. 15th). He was also surprised with meeting me. He said ‘ are you really Yoshimi?’.


It was really happy surprise for me. Thank you.


I wish more growth of Kamuro party and I wish more prosperity and activeness of Okikamuro island where is getting close to ‘Genkai’ village.


Yoshimi Furutani

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