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Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Pre.President of Towa-cho party


Replacement of Radio Clock

Yoshihiro Fujiwara  recieved Aug. 26, 2020


 One day, the wall clock in the living room was stopped. I purchased it to hang on the wall of main room of my home for about 20,000 yen 12 years ago. It was a classical designed radio clock decorated with a dodecagonal wooden frame. I thought it was running out of battery and replaced it. I was impressed with the energy saving and the longevity of the battery, because the exchange was the second time since I purchased it 12 years ago.

 It takes quite a while to set the time when the battery is replaced. I set it at the window overnight towards Fukushima Prefecture where the radio tower is located. I checked it the next morning. The clock was running, but the time was not correct at all. I tried to set forcibly according to the instruction manual, but it did not work correctly even though I tried many times.

 I was obliged to call the maker and asked the way to cope with the trouble after detailed my trial and error. However, it did not go well after all. I called the maker again. They answered me. “Apparently it seems like a malfunction, take it to a dealer and ask for repair, please”.

 I brought it immediately to the big supermarket where I bought it. The clock department had moved to a tenant corner on the first floor. They decided to leave the deal in clock to a specialty store. I had it checked by the store. They answered me that it will take one and a half months to complete the repair, and the cost will be 10,000 yen or more, but they do not know unless try it. I was disgusted beyond angry at the curt attitude of the store.

 I picked up the stopped clock and went home. Even if I bought a new one, I did not feel like choosing at the store. On the way, I dropped in at a DIY shop that I often use. Many clocks were lined up. However, there was no such dodecagon. The wooden frame clock was only octagonal and circular. “Is that okay?!”. After all, I bought an octagonal radio clock at the shop. Spending was over 5,000 yen.

 The next morning, I was able to confirm that my new idol was moving smoothly. It matched well with the living room. On that day, it was a day to collect oversized garbage happily. I was still attached to old dodecagonal clock, but it was taken to a collection vehicle.

 A few days later, I tried searching online for mail order with regretting and muttering 'it was much better before'. Many products emerged on the screen one after another. However, there were a lot of octagonal things, but I could not find dodecagonal things at all. On the other hand, many movements of the clock were also exhibited. It was about 2,000 yen including the postage.

 “Is that so, I just had to replace that part myself, after ordered only movement that fit the dodecagon”. It seems to be many cases around anywhere. Such as case of ‘too late’.

 (Yoshihiro Fujiwara Aug. 26, 2020)

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