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Teruo Shirogane

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Hiroshima Kamuro Party


Enjoyed holidays in Okikamuro island

posted by Teruo Shirogane, written by Kikue Sawada  recieved May 6th, 2019

from 'Sawada Piano class' web site http://www.sawada.tv/piano/

Five days passed after Reiwa era started~!

while in Golden week (Japan's 10holidays in a row at begining of May)

as usuall with my family

I spent holidays in my father's home town, Okikamuro island.

later part of week, it's beautiful weather and we spent very good vacation~!


my husband, father, brother in law!


ofcourse with Juli!


fishes my brother fished!


house in okikamuro island


first time to show room!


At this January, my father became 92 years old. he is saying every year 'this visit will be the last ...'・・・

I want visit here next year also!

And then, Tomorrow, all cadidates for class competition

are going to play together.

First job in Reiwa era will starts!

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