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Ryuta Suehiro

Ryuta Suehiro

Suo-Oshima Living Support Service netto (net) president


Living Support Service netto (net)

Ryuta Suehiro                                received April 6th, 2020

Care Service netto(net)

My name is Suehiro, who introduced me to the home support service for the elderly, "Living Support Service netto (net) HP: netto.life" at the Tokyo Kamuro Party last spring. At the meeting, I received many words of warm encouragement and managed to continue my business for one year. I'm really thankful to you.

In Suo-Oshima, where there are many elderly people and there are many long-distance caregivers, there are not a few people who are suffering from daily health management, cooking and cleaning / shopping, living, going to hospital, and the burden of returning home. Utilizing the expertise as a physiotherapist in cooperation with a nursing care provider, it has become possible to flexibly develop support for living at home with peace of mind. Anyway, I run around every day to make the elderly and their families happy.

By the way, the new coronavirus covid-19 originating in China is showing a worldwide epidemic. In Japan as well, the spread of infections, especially in urban areas, has not ceased and many people are very inconvenient because they are shouting out of unnecessary and urgent outings.

Meanwhile, infections in rural areas triggered by returning home have been reported. It was said that the spread of the infection in Italy was triggered by this homecoming, and I was just worried

Nevertheless, some elderly people living alone need to return home. I think that the current situation is that you will have to go home if your parents can not live without family cooperation such as going to hospital, shopping, bureaucracy.

Still, if you're worried that your important parents and family will get the infection ... I might be able to help you until the end. I hope you can consult us.

Recently, we have seen many cars with numbers outside the prefecture, and have heard that tourism in Suo-Oshima is performing well. Spreading out on the island may be a matter of time ...

Hopefully the situation will subside and the peaceful world will return. I'm just worried even if I think ahead, so I'd like to continue what I can do in front of me. I work hard every day to help my grandma and grandma in front of me. ..

I wish you all health and happiness.

Ryuta Suehiro Apri 6th 2020

address:2076-1 Tononyu, Suo-Oshima

tel: 090-8362-4806


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