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Kiyoshi Nishimura

Kiyoshi Nishimura 

Okikamuro island history researcher


Okikamuro Island 6

Kiyoshi Nishimura    recieved Mar. 18,2021

Memory of young age in early Showa era.

There were an Emergency Hospital in Yokonade. I visited to my relative patient.

The beach is a collection of smooth, beautiful pebbles, and the view from here is spectacular.

If you go to the center of Homura, along the sandy beach Chinu fishes are swimming showing a tail fin. Close enough to reach.

Throw fishing of Chinu fish was seen on every beach. You can catch small fish well at the tip of the wharf.

Well, if you go up one step to the hill, there are many shops. Come in any direction. As expected, it is Kamuro Town, Kamuro thousand houses. Senbei shop, rice cake shop, lantern shop, tofu shop, public bath, ironworks, umbrella shop, kimono shop, Sujiya, fishing shop, etc.

The people of Sare across the canal said that every route is a store, so if you go to Kamuro, you can buy anything.

Changing the story, if you go a little along the shore of Subana. A big rock is floating. A pine tree stands upright in the middle. This was famous for the time being as "Kamuro no Ipponmatsu".

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