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Kiyoshi Nishimura

Kiyoshi Nishimura 

Okikamuro island history researcher


Okikamuro Island 3

Kiyoshi Nishimura    recieved Mar. 18,2021


It is a border point between Susaki and Honura.

On the walls on both sides in this tunnel,

There are several stone Jizo in the carved holes.

The candles and incense sticks were set in several places,

the fires never went out.

Smiling old lady taking care of those Jizo

was living right next to Homura side entrance.

Small house and there was small farming field.

She was called “old lady under pine tree”.

“Troubles make you strong” Go forward enduring hardships.

It is a lesson to children.

Story of the old lady is one of lessons.

The Old lady under the pine tree was bit by ‘boon boon’ bees.

It was hurt and she beared.

Dropiing tears without cry.

Thinking of her,

I bear without complaints

Terrible world

Oh what on earth

What the hell will happen! !

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