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Kiyoshi Nishimura

Kiyoshi Nishimura 

Okikamuro island history researcher


Okikamuro Island

Kiyoshi Nishimura    recieved Feb. 16,2021

  Below the cliffs of the island are terraced fields, and below that, there are many houses facing the sea, and narrow roads with constant people flow..

  Many people in the fields and the sea, hearing child shouts. 

  Taisho early Showa era, Kamuro’s thousand houses, Kamuro town were well known over to far local cities and there is no one who doesn’t know it.

  Out going boats, entering boats. full of fishing boats in the port.

  Night fishing boats in Sengai offshore fishing area.

  Night fishing boats gathering like Ginza night.

  Before motorized boat, many small boats are tagged by big boat for fishing area.

  Early morning Brass trumpet is signal of arrival.

  Many boat returned to the island and sea become cloudy white due to the residue of carbide gas.


  Island is the mountain and Island is the sea.


  From Subana Susak to Homura, Homura to Mazan, top of the mountain is cleaned by ‘ganzeki’ broom.

  There is not a pine needle.

  firewood fuel…this situation continued to end of the war.. 


  Communication in island is fast by mouth to mouth.

  ‘born’ ‘dead’ and other information come with detail.

  Enemy or Allies, Yes or No?

  Even European or American can recognize.

  ‘Ah! Somebody died today again.’ From Susaki to Homura Hakuseiji temple’s ground.

  Funeral row moves with ringing bells….

  The smell of burning the human body from the crematorium today ... ...

  everywhere with wind !!


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