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Situation of my career decision

Junzo Ohama      recieved Mar. 16, 2021

To: Masatomo Yagi Kamuro Party

 I have interestingly read Kiyoshi Nishimura’s ‘Kamuro1 and 2’

 In addition to the Okikamuro island, it is really grateful to hear from the elderly people various very valuable old tales around (former) Shiraki village (Kamuro Nishikata Mura). Thank you very much for that various people will continue posting and talking in the future.

 Note: My grandfather, Kiyosuke Ohama, served as the mayor of the Kamuro Nishikata Village for many years (the Shimoda Post Office was opened during that time), and the village name was changed from Kamuro Nishikata Village to Shiraki Village. I heard from my grandfather that he named it Shiraki Village because it can be seen from anywhere in Kamuro Nishikata Village.Since my grandfather, Kiyosuke Ohama, had the village mayor handed over to his juniors, the Shimoda Post Office also served as a telegram and telephone office, so many local young people were assigned to the Shimoda Post Office and the Shimoda Telegram and Telephone Office. I was hired as a staff member.

 My mother, Yoshie Ohama, was a staff member of the Telegram and Telephone Office for many years, and was proficient in telephone exchange work using Morse code. As for the postmaster, my father, Tadao Ohama, succeeded the second postmaster from Kiyosuke Ohama for many years, and the third postmaster was my brother Kiyoto Goto. Since then, a wide variety of people have served as directors in line with the trends of the times until this day.

 I ‘Junzo Ohama’ was the third son and was free, so I decided to go on to the University of Tokyo according to the recommendations of the people around me. I decided to stay at my 15 older brother's house and concentrate on my studies, so I moved to the second year of the University of Tokyo Kudan High School, and also studied at the Sundai Preparatory High School. During the 2 years Ronin, I came to think that I would become a music critic who works on what I like most about listening to music, and decided to go on to the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Letters, Department of Aesthetics, and passed the University of Tokyo. I came to do it. I still think that the two years of ronin life was set by God to determine this course.

 I have described my career decision process, which took many years, in a very simple manner, but I would be very grateful if you could take it as a reference.

 Best regard. That's all for today. Thanks to those who have maintained exchanges for many years in their hometown Suooshima and the Tokyo metropolitan area.


 Junzo Ohama  March 16, 2021 (Tuesday)

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