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Junzo Ohama

Former NHK chief Director, Former teacher of NHK Culture Center 'Enjoy Classic'


Bon dance song Treasure to be preserved

Junzo Ohama      recieved Jan. 17, 2021

To: Masatomo Yagi and all supporters for Okikamuro island

 I read "Okiyamuro 1980" by Shoji Matsumoto in 2021. Thank you, I felt very nostalgic.

 I was born in Suo-Oshima Shitata in 1938, and the house I was born and raised in is the Shitata Post Office and the Telegram-Telephone Office.

 My specialty is music aesthetics, and I enjoy listening to everything from Hibari Misora to Japanese music in general, Western music represented by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and contemporary music.

 For many years, I have actively attended the Tokyo Towa Association and the Oshima Gunjin Association and have also served as the secretary.

 ◎ The Bon Dance Song, which has been sung for a long time, and its dance are very valuable cultural assets from a nationwide perspective, so I can confidently say that they are treasures that should be inherited and preserved in the future.

 ✰ While working at the NHK headquarters in Tokyo, I continued to work after retirement. Every time I returned home, I learned the Bon dance and song of INoko from the old people who were good at singing in Shitata, Nagasaki, and the Nishikata, and my mother (Yoshie Ohama). I am grateful that and sang it from time to time during the Bon Dance performance.

 ◎ I recorded it on a recording tape at that time and keep it in a safe place. (Most of the lyrics are common throughout the country, but the melody has a wonderful characteristic that varies from village to village, so it has great existence value and preservation value.)


 Junzo Ohama

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