okikamuro island fan club, 沖家室島ファンクラブ|Kamuro party かむろ会

Yoshimi Furutani

Junzo Ohama

Former NHK chief Director, Former teacher of NHK Culture Center 'Enjoy Classic'


Thank you for ‘At Honolulu Jodo mission Feb. 15th 2020’

Junzo Ohama      recieved July 1, 2020

To Masatomo Yagi and Kamuro party

 Thank you pictures of Rev. Shizuo Niiyama and many members of Okikamuro.

 Long time ago, I went to join Okikamuro’s ‘Bon odori’ festival. The lyrics were very similar to other Japan common Bon odori songs. However rhythm, drum and dance were different for each village. I enjoyed very much.

 I was born at Mitsugaura (Shitata, Nagasaki and Nishikata villages). Every summer vacation I went back to Mitsugahama. I learned Bon song from my mother (Yoshie Ohama) and other good singer. I joined ‘Bon odori’ festival which continued 3 days at that time. I recorded those Bon songs and enjoyed to sing ‘Ondo’ and ‘Kudoki’.

 I proud of this Bon odori festival because it’s very unique precious cultural event comparing to others places. Long time ago, I had worked for secretary for Tokyo Towa town club for many years. I had sang a song once at Tokyo Towa club meeting.

 I was born the town where Tsuneichi Miyamoto (famous Ethnologist) and Tetsuro Hoshino (famous Lyricist) were born, so that I could have intimate exchanges with both.

 Thank you very much from my heart.


 Junzo Ohama (June 30, 2020)

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