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Hroshi Ishimaru

Osaka, Kansai Kamuro Party


Wildfire of Mountain Mazan

Hiroshi Ishimaru    received Feb. 28, 2021

 Wildfire in 60 years ago (Mazan in Okikamuro did not extinguish fire for nearly a month in my memory)

 Today is 6th day after wildfire started in Tochigi prefecture. Wide area of forest were burned down. While watching TV live news, I recall Mazan mountain area wildfire about 60 years ago. From middle of mountain to top, wildfire did not extinguish about a month.

 I was lower grade of elementary school. I think my father was captain of fire fighter team. A week after wildfire started, he came back home once for getting new clothes and he went to work in short time. He returned home after one month later. There is no big tree in middle to top of the Mazan. There are only thin and small trees in top area.

 Fortunately there is no house in that area. There was no damage to human life. At that time several hundred years old black pine trees in top area Suzaki became miserable shape because of pine worm. I can't help feeling the impermanence of years. I pray that the forest fire in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture will be extinguished. We ordinary people can only pray and wish.

 In nature, we just live in what nature want to do. Although I am in the mercy of epidemics every day, I pray that this year we will be able to hold Kamuro party’s annual meeting.


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