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Hroshi Ishimaru

Osaka, Kansai Kamuro Party


Suzaki Okajo

Hiroshi Ishimaru    received Jan. 27, 2021

 I’m Ishimaru from Okajo Suzaki in Okikamuro.

 Is Kamuro party annual meeting not held in all places due to the epidemic? Is the year going to pass without being able to show your face once a year? Last year, the events in Okikamuro island were canceled, and it is a hateful epidemic. This year as well, from the beginning of the year, we will have a white flag ... (I want the epidemic to surrender with white flag). I'm looking forward to the homepage being updated every day, but the number of updates is decreasing.

 I'm 70 years old this year, so I'm proud that it's okay to post a memoir and miss the old days. Born in 1951, do you think it's an era when there is nothing in Kamuro? Even in this year, the poorness is still the same.

 I was born in the house (Ishimaru family) in Okajo on the top of the mountain of Kamuro. I grew up in a gunte (army cotton gloves) factory that my father used to run business at Kadoya in Honura. On the corner (on the right) down the slope from the elementary school toward the temple. When I was a child, my brother took me to a nursery school on the temple from the age of three. The nursery school was also long, so I think it was a bad boy, and I often remember throwing building blocks in the nursery school. By the way, sombody had a monkey under the floor of the temple, but what happened? Who kept it? I used to climb the ginkgo tree in the temple grounds, the place I climbed was flat, and several people could sit in the middle of the ginkgo tree.

 Looking back on the old days, it seems that you can see one scenery and other scenery in front of you like today. I remember jumping into the sea from around May even though I couldn't swim when high tide time at the coastline of Honura where was near. I remember that I had been able to swim since I was 3 years old. I think I was in a long-distance swimming class (3rd grade and above) when I entered the 1st grade of elementary school!

 The new school building was completed when I entered elementary school, and I am studying in the new school building from the first grade. From the middle of the 4th grade, school lunch started and I couldn't drink skim milk and was scolded by my teacher, a fist bone storm!!! I remember drinking milk from a milk bottle when I graduated? At that time, it was the heyday of bad boys, and I'm not sure if it was around the end of the third or second grade. The principal's office was shared with class room. The desks in the classroom were facing the principal for a week or two? According to the principal, I was often sick of this kind of thing for the first time in my long life as a teacher.

 [At that time, I helped with the field work, and I carried potatoes over the mountains with back basket to store them to the potatoes warehouse in the fall,. ] At that time (January), I remember I was helping stepping on wheatgrass in the field by the straw sandals when it was cold and painful,

 I don't remember one day, but the gunte (cotton glove) factory was closed and I was at Ishimaruya at the top of Oka-Jo. In the cold winter months, the night before the ice seems to build up, I pumped water from the well below. At night I sprinkled water on the slope and this made putting ice on the slope, I was enjoying skating on Moso bamboo. Is this a play only for the one mountain house??? Snack was Daidai (Natsu-mikan) in the garden which was the same as the one planted in the samurai residence of Hagi.

 I graduated elementary school and became student of junior high school….

 I’m 2nd son of Ishimaru family and my name is Hiroshi Ishimaru.

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