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Akio Otani

Akio Otani

Tokorozawa (Tokyo Kamuro Party)

I saw pictures of Tokyo Kamuro Party

Okikamuro my home island.


I saw pictures of Tokyo Kamuro Party

Akio Otani                                                                                        recieved July 1th 2018

 I saw pictures of Tokyo Kamuro Party. I was shocked that many members who I knew became to have old person’s faces.


 At beginning of Heise age(1990), Hall was full of attendants. However members are getting old and size is getting small. Annual meeting is continued according to the efforts of officers of each generation.


 Kamuro Party Home Page has been started after Mr. Masatomo Yagi became Tokyo Kamuro party president. And Kamuro Party became more solid. I learned many new things of ‘Kamuro’ from Kamuro Party’s home page.


 There were many people returned from overseas at the ages around Showa 21 thru 22(1946 thru 1947). New year festival, Bon festival, Shrine festival in autumn and play by youth group had been the events to activate whole island. Before Oshima bridge has been built,we had to use ship ‘Boyo ship' to offshore of okikamuro from ‘Yanai port’ stopping at ‘Agenosho’, ’Tononyu’ and other several ports. We were carried by large rowing boat ‘tenmasen’ to the beach of Okikauro island.


 After Okikamuro big bridge has been built, we could use car to return the home land. However population of the island is decreasing and elementary school and junior high school had been closed. It became lonely island.
Each member of each Kamuro Party should be thinking ‘My home town is Okikamuro’.


 I feel that working to keep running ‘Kamuro Party Home Page’ should not be easy job. Please keep running it.

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