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Akio Otani

Akio Otani

Tokorozawa (Tokyo Kamuro Party)

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Okikamuro my home island.


Okikamuro my home island.  Recalled 74 years ago.

Akio Otani                                                                                        recieved Oct. 13th 2017

 At September of 1943, I came back to Japan to take a final examination of ‘army boys aircraft soldier’ with my father from Pyongyang in North Korea where we lived. On the way to gathering place ‘army boys aircraft soldier’ school in Otu of Shiga prefecture, we visited home village Okikamuro.


 For me,it was 9 years after leaving Okikamuro where I went elementary school about a year. ‘I remember that I went back to home to take lunch in lunch break from elementary school.’


 My relatives took me to Shrine for ‘wishing ceremony’, my uncle who was barber arranged farewell party for me in his home and aunt ‘yagi’ took me to the shrine in Shitata for wishing safety.


 At departure time, brass band of elementary school and many people came to see me off on the beach of Subana.


 During October of 1943 to December of 1945, I was trained physically and mentally in army boys aircraft soldier (telecommunication) school. I believe the spirit of ‘try hard’ became very important for my postwar life.


 There were not so many persons who know me in Okikamuro because I grew up in Korea. However when I got job of Mitsubishi Chemical Otake factory at January of 1948, I met many persons from Okikamuro in the factory. Some of them lived with me in same room of the dormitory and we became intimate.


 After the war, I lived in Otake, Tokyo, and Tokorozawa. I returned to home island Okikamuro on the occasion of Obon(Summer holiday), Newyear’s day or Buddhest events at Hakuseiji. Each time when I came back to Okikamuro, my heart was healed with nostalgia


 In those few years, I regret that I couldn’t come back to home island because my body became weak.


 I will be 90 years old this year. My dream is to sleep in the Kannondo grave site looking over the wonderful scenery of Okikamuro bridge and Suho-Oshima main island.


 ‘Kamuro’ is My ‘Home island’.


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 In Army’s aircraft communication school Kikuchi education team at 1944/5


Akio Otani

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