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Business in Okikamuro island

'Ippon Tsuri' Fishing・・・・・Fishing is Base industry of Okikamuro Island・・・・・ reborn 'Kamuro' brand


KAMURO Ippon Tsuri Fishing



Okikamuro in Suo Oshima is selected one of hundred fishing villages for future

Guest House TAI_NO_SATO








Renewed 100 years old Fisher man's house
Owner Shoji Matsumoto opened 1991 after comming back to Okikamuro.

TAI_NO_SATO picture


Nonfiction writer 'Shinichi Sano'  stayed long at TAI_NO_SATO to write

 'Walking Giants'

(award-wining Soichi Oya)


'Happy ending island'

(documentary story about Okikamuro island and Suo Oshima. TAI_NO_SATO is one of scene)
  Shinichi Sano talked about 'Tai chazuke of TAI_NO_SATO' at News Paper 'Yomiuri' August 15th

Episodes of the book 'Happy ending island' written by Oya award writer Shinich Sano
'Happy ending island' -episode 1- 2000/5/13
'Happy ending island' -episode 2-

Because I'm big fan of home grown ethnologist 'Tsuneichi Miyamoto' ,many 'Tsuneichi Miyamoto' fans are visiting my guest house. And also many young hich hiker come to my house, 'Where did you come from?' 'came from Tokyo' 'come in my house' and we starts talk and drink.

TAI sashimi











■ A course 1stay 2meals [Sashimi dish TAI(sanpper), OKOZE(Stonefish), KAWAHAGI(filefish), SAZAE(Turban), Abalone] 10,500yen

■B course 1stay 2meals(Master's choice full course) 7,875yen

■ 1stay breakfast(B&B)course 4,725yen

TAI_NO_SATO official site TAI_NO_SATO owner Shoji Matsumoto twitter

TAI_NO_SATO web site    Shoji Matsumoto Twitter

TAI_NO_SATO Shoji Matsumoto

279-1 Okikamuro,Suo_Oshima-cho,Yamaguchi-ken

 zip 742-2922
TEL/FAX 0820-78-2163 shouji@d3.dion.ne.jp
cell phone
090-3743-0141 kamuronotai@ezweb.ne.jp



hoxnlogo      Sanitary equipment

Suo Oshima town water supply equipment specified construction shop

Plumber's your city

Please leave your trouble of water around.


Kitagawa kimihiro        

Ministry of Health and Welfare
    Water supply equipment chief engineer

Land, Infrastructure and Transportation    Ministry
   Secondary pipe work construction management engineer

President Kimiyoshi Kitagawa
552 Okikamuro,Suo_Oshima-cho,Yamaguchi-ken
Zip 742-2922
TEL           0820-78-2866
cellphone   090-6790-5546

Guest House KOYOSHO

Koyosho logo

Enjoy fresh sea food dishes at IPPON Turi fishing island -Okikamuro island.

KOYOSHO also serves Fishing boat, boat tour around Okikamuro island, experience of fisher man and firmer as option.


Sashimi dish(Sugata mori) includes TAI(snapper), HIRAME(flatfish), ISAKI(grunt), AJI(Mackerel), MEBARU(Rockfish), HAMACHI(Yellowtail)and others fishes caught by Ippon turi


Kind of fish to serve is different by season.(sashimi in picture is for 4 thru 5 people)

Sea food Kamameshi(turban,Seto shellfish,Hijiki sea weed, and others)

Fried fish(Tempra) ,Boiled fish, Baked fish,Steaming Cup(Chawan Mushi), side dishes(2~3),soup,salt agar
[Fee] 1person(1night 2meal 8.000yen)

           under 12years old 4.000yen,

           under 3 no-charge.

           House is for 1 group of charter.

fishing boat service 

     around Okikamuro island for  1 ~ 2 hours.

     (1person 3,000yen)

round trip by boat

      for Okikamuro island about 40minutes

    (1person 2,000yen)

fishing boat service Keisho-Maru

for 6 persons、charter fishing boat
Fishing area: Okikamuro Island, Sengai Se, Ominase island, Kominase island.
Fishes: Snapper,Yellowtail,Mackerel,Grunt,Rock Fish,file fish and others
toilet Flush toilet
time limit 6hours
rental: pole , reel , fishing gears 500yen for each
line and hook are free for one.

 more than one set: additional  400yen for 1 set,

                              weight 50yen~
we ship fishes in cool box
service fee: 14.000yen for 1person,  

                       18.000yen for 2persons,

                       more than 3 persons: 

                           additional 8.000yen for 1person


information site of Okikamuro island KamuroDay’s

Nakamichi Corp.  president Tomohiro Nakamichi

185 Okikamuro,Suo_Oshima-cho,Yamaguchi-ken

zip 742-2922
TEL (0820)78-1887  FAX (0820)78-1887
e-mail info@nakamichi-k.co.jp

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