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Hiroshi Otani

Hiroshi Otani


Okikamuro 2nd generation in Hokkaido


Okikamuro 2nd generation in Hokkaido

Hiroshi Otani                                                                                        recieved Aug. 29th 2017

 I checks Kamuro Party web site periodically. My parents were born in Okikamuro island. When I was young, our family visited the Okikamuro almost every year using school summer vacation . I felt very close to Kamuro Party members. I decided to post my message to this web site.


 I like to introduce myself. I was born in Otake city of Hiroshima prefecture. After finishing Kokata elementary and junior high school, I entered to Funeiri high school. I changed to Yokohama Hiranuma high school along with my father’s transfer. I entered to Hokkaido University (department of literature) in 1971. I have graduated from literature department of the Hokkaido University majoring Europe history at 5 years after entrance. I have entered one of the companies in Hokkaido because I have engaged to marry while in University. After 41 years working for Hokkaido Construction News Paper Co., I retired the company at spring of 2017. I am free from work now and enjoying to play classic guitar and tennis.


hiroshi otani guitar


 My Father is Seiichi Otani(died) and my mother is Satoko Otani (living in Suginami in Tokyo, age 86). Mr. Matsujiro Otani is my grandfather (Senichi Otani)’s brother and he as uncle in Hawaii is admired by all relatives. My cousin was always visiting and staying long period at his home in Hawaii. He came back to Japan with surfing capability while almost no body in Japan was playing surfing around middle of 1960’s. He arrived to Haneda airport in rough style with short pants carrying only surfboard. His mother (my father’s sister) who was waiting at the airport got angry about his style.

My mother’s median name is Minatoishi. After her father died in young, my grandmother changed to original her name to Hara. As far as I know there is no Minatoishi name in my relatives.


 When I was in elementary school age, I got 1st prize (personal division) of Susaki Bon dance costume competition 2 years in row. I received 1 'shou' bottle (1.8 litter) of sake. It is unforgettable memory. First time costume was ‘Ghost from the Mars’ and second time was ‘Indian snake performer’. I think judges of the completion gave me advantage because I was the only one child among many competitors


 One of my relatives took me on small fishing boat and I enjoyed fishing using fishing string directory from hand. I also enjoyed beautiful scenery form the fishing boat. I have plenty other fan memories. I like to post those fan memories to Okikamuro.com after finishing organize those many memories.


 Go back to my family story. My mother graduated Okikamuro Kokumin (national) School and started working in Japan Railway Co. in Hiroshima as conductor apprentice with class mates. She had experienced nuclear bomb attack with friends. She was helped and lived in her friend’s house in Hiroshima after exposure.

 I am trying to record and pass to the future the nuclear bomb experience of my mother. I am reorganizing the stories from my mother’s talk. If any child of my mother’s friend knows about stories of nuclear bomb experience, Please let me know those.

 My mother’s aunt (last name is MinatoIshi) or owner of Stamp shop was also living in Hiroshima. And I heard that she was also born in Okikamuro.

 And also I like to research the living in Okikamuro island during the war and after the war. I want to hear those stories from my mother. However I cannot take enough time because I’m living far from her home.


 And several relatives from Okikamuro are living around Tokyo and Kanagawa. I let them know about Kamuro Party activities.


 I have to apologize to chief priest of Hakuseiji Niiyama for mistaking temple name when my mother and I visited Hakuseiji.


Hiroshi Otani

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