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Okikamuro island, roots

Battle of four borders

                     Shoji Matsumoto    received June. 26th 2016
Trasslated by Masatomo Yagi

It’s interesting. ‘Battle of four borders’ (The 2nd attack to Choshu clan) video has been published in Youtube. The battle at Oshima island was won by Choshu clan over the Tokugawa government military force under large help of Oshima island’s residents team (2nd Kihei-tai ‘non trained soldier team’). It’s not so popular that there war many pirates descendants of Murakami family and Kono family in Oshima island at that time and they fought very well to defeat government troops.

After The battle between To and Mori (battle at Itukushima island) long time before ‘Battle of four borders’ Murakami pirate family received Suho-Oshima from Mori helping him to win the battle. At the top of Togon mountain of Kuka in Suho-Oshima Michiyasu Murakami (Kurushima Murakami)’s castle was built. While Kurushima Murakami was governing Suho-Oshima island Old Kuka town was destroyed heavily and old residents of island experienced hard time.

Korean envoy's sea travel between Shimonoseki and Osaka was operated and guarded by Murakami pirate member. 5000 fishermen of Suho-Oshima had been hired as boat men. It is my family legend that My grand-grand-grand pa joined this troop as boat man to ‘Tenposan’ in Osaka.

After Sekigahara battle, Mori clan which joined to Mitsunari Ishida’s West team had lost large territory by Ieyasu. Wada Murakami (Kagechika) of Suho-Oshima was commander (‘Kumi gashira’) of the Sea guard group (‘Ofunategumi’) of Mori clan He is the second son of Takeyoshi who was Murakami pirate family’s boss. Eldest son Motoyoshi lost his life at Matsumae battle in Iyo. Kagechika took care the son of Motoyoshi and made him team leader of his troop. At this periode Ishizaki (Tomosawa) who was member of Iyo Kono pirate group and opened Okikamuro island was hired as ‘shibun’ samurai rank of boat man team. He guarded narrow channel between Okikamuro and Suho-Oshima where is the East sea gate of the Mori clan.

By the way, Murakami pirate family was broken to two groups at Skigahara battle. Kurushima(来島) part of Murakami who owned Suho-Oshima joined to Ieyasu East team. He was given HogoKunimori territory of Kyushu after winning the battle and changed his name to Kurushima(久留島). However, misfortune attacked him. While he was cruising in Seto inland sea, his ship crashed on hidden rock of the channel between Okikamuro and Suho-Oshima and 10 crews died. Shuzen Kurushima also was drown at this crash. His grave site is found at old Fumonji temple’s pirate tombstone in middle of Suho-Oshima Take-san mountain. It is thoughtful that Mr. Kurushima who owned Suho-Oshima once past time died in Suho-Oshima area.

This is my personal opinion that I use word ‘Murakami pirate’ instead of ‘Murakami navy’. I think using ‘navy’ word is relatively new because people want to erase the image of ‘pirate’=’robbery’. I think ‘pirate’ is ‘Kaizoku’ (ocean robbery) and bandit is ‘Sanzoku’ (mountain robbery). It’s not logical that bandit is mountain army.

Suho-Oshima town
The movie ‘Shikyo no Eki’ (Battle of 4 borders. Battle of Oshima border)
At 150 years ago, Keio 2nd (1866) Choshu(local government) army and Bakufu(central government) army fought at the area of Suho-Oshima. This battle is called ‘Shikyo no Eki’ (Battle of four borders). The First battle of four battles, Battle of Oshima border which local government army won over Bakufu (central government) army is very important battle to trigger Meiji revolution. Choshu(local government) army’s victory of Battle of Oshima border was achieved by the large help of island people. Heisei 28th (this year) is ceremonial year of 150 year after this battle. On this timing We like to look back the ancestor’s achievement protecting Suho-Oshima against huge Bakufu army.


Produced by the committee of ‘Shikyo no Eki’ 150th anniversary.
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