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Masato Katsuyama


Okikamuro island, roots

Hikoshichi IV, one of the founders of fish preserves

Masato Katsuyama    received Feb. 15th, 2019


 In “10. Fishery and fish markets in Amagasaki / 3. Trade of live fish” of “The History of Amagasaki City Vol. 6” (1977), an old document named “The history of fish preserves in Okikamuro, Suoh “ is introduced. As the founders of fish preserves, Shichirobei, Hikoshichi, and Zenbei were recorded. Owners of fish preserves in September Meiji 28th (1895) were Heizaemon Yanagihara, Isuke Tomozawa (my great grandfather), and Kangoro Aoki.

 Concerning the foundation of fish preserves, it is described as follows. The pole-and-line fishing had been introduced from Do-noura, Awa (Tokushima), into Okikamuro in Jo-kyo 3rd (1686). The above mentioned three men founded fish preserves. In Kyo-ho 6th (1721), Sho-shichi Ikushimaya of Amagasaki (Hyogo prefecture) visited Okikamuro. He stayed several years, extended the market of live fish, and became the 4th owner of fish preserves. Although it is written that the history of “the four managing directors” is unclear, it seems that the above mentioned three men had already founded fish preserves by 1721.


 This “Hikoshichi” must be Hikoshichi IV who died in 1766. He had already founded fish preserves by 1721, suggesting that he was in his twenties or thirties at that time. It means that Hikoshichi IV was born before 1700. I have to re-consider who is the father of Hikoshichi IV.

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