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Masato Katsuyama


Okikamuro island, roots

So-etsu II Aoki, a key person for the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family

Masato Katsuyama    received Dec. 15th, 2018


 So-etsu II Aoki, the youngest child of Sobei who was the second son of So-emon Tomozawa, got married with Oiwa, the daughter of Gensetsu Aoki who was a medical doctor in Agenosho. Oiwa, however, died soon after the birth of their heir Genkoh. According to “Aoki-shi Keiryaku (A Family Tree of the clan’s doctor, Aoki Family)”, So-etsu II had two daughters among his second wife Otsune.

 His eldest daughter Omatsu became the first wife of Gensuke Noguchi in Tononyu. She had a son Kin-ya and a daughter Oshimo, but was short-lived. The Family of Gensuke Noguchi was the origin of my great grandfather Isuke Tomozawa. In addition, the wife of Hikoshichi VI, who was born in 1779, was “a daughter of Gensuke Noguchi”. Because Omatsu was short-lived, it is barely possible that Oshimo was the wife of Hikoshichi VI. Rather, Kin-ya might have succeeded his father to the name of Gensuke and his daughter might have gotten married with Hikoshichi VI, though it remains speculation without a family tree of Noguchi Family. Anyway, So-etsu II Aoki handed down the family line of Tomozawa to the family of Gensuke Noguchi.


 His second daughter Oiri was the wife of Saheiji Tomozawa in Okikamuro. In Kako-cho (family record) of the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family, a Kaimyo (Pardon name for buddhist) of a girl died in 1753 was found. She was recorded as “a daughter of Saheiji”. Based on the date, “Saheiji” seems to be a son of Hikoshichi IV. However, pardon name for Saheiji was not found in the Kako-cho. Just before succession, Hikoshichi V was called as Shirozaemon. Before that, he might be called as Saheiji.

 Thus, So-etsu II Aoki was “a key person for the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family” who passed down his blood back to the Okikamuro Tomozawa Family and handed down the family line of Tomozawa to Isuke and me via the family of Gensuke Noguchi.

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